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Saturday, November 15, 2008

College Football Picks

I'm having one hell of a crappy season, and with only three weeks left, i need to make an incredible run. I don't think it will happen, but you never know. 25-25-2 on the season. On to the picks!

Penn St. -35 over Indiana (L)
I don't usually like lines this big, but Penn St. is at home and will be mad. And Indiana is really, really bad.

Ohio St. -9.5 over Illinois (W)
Illinois is kind of in disarray, plus the Buckeyes lost to them last year and will be looking for revenge. 

Georgia -10 over Auburn (L)
Georgia rolls the teams it's supposed to roll. 

Standford +24 over USC (W)
Stanford is not pulling another upset this year, but USC hasn't been covering on the road, and Standford is playing fairly well.

Texas -14 over Kansas (W)
This might be my lock of the year. Texas ROLLS. They will destroy Kansas by about 35 points...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Press Conference

This week's Press Conference is a week old, but it's still a classic. Welcome to the head coaching ranks Mike Singletary...

Where You Came From

Well, it's been a while since i last ran this feature, but here we go again. In the past two weeks people have visited this site from The Republic of Korea, Romania, Canada (2), and China.

The search terms that have brought people here are:

1) i'd fuck brett favre (I really, really hope that was a female visitor)
2) jamie d'antona (A Dbacks minor leaguer)
3) "derek anderson" vikings 2009 (Now that's what i'm talking about!)
4) You fail at life game
5) dennis green interview (2)
6) dennis green we know who they are (4)
7) dennis green transcript (2)
8) post game conference bad
9) dennis green basketball (?)
10) dennis green press conference (6)
11) dennis green south carolina
12) shawn marion press conference
13) dennis green laughing commercial (2)
14) dennis green blow out (2)
15) vikings post game press conference
16) is bill cowher coaching the vikings in 09 (God i hope so...)
17) dennis green quote bears game
18) jamie d'antona diamondbacks 2009
19) denny green tampa bay tampa bay
20) 2008 nfl open tryouts (What is with the open tryouts??)
21) famous and funny press conference
22) The Big Shaqtus
23) texas college football open tryouts 2009

So there you have it. Thanks as always for stopping by and sticking with me through the last couple of weeks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back

Alright bitches, i'm back and better than ever. Been traveling a lot lately, and as a result my writing on this site has been infrequent. And by infrequent, i mean non-existent

Anyway, i'm back now and ready to write. The Suns and Coyotes are starting up, the baseball off-season is in full swing, and the college football season is getting to the good part. I'll be back in the following days with write-ups about all of them. For now, i'll leave you with this image from the Iowa-Penn St. game i was at this weekend:

Iowa 24, Penn St. 23. That's what i'm talking about. On Iowa!