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Sunday, November 2, 2008

NFL Picks

Much like with my college picks last week, ny NFL picks sucked last week. I blame it again on being on the road and not having proper time to prepare and research. Last week i went 1-3-1, putting my season record at 20-17-3. Not good enough. On to the picks!

Tampa Bay -9.5 over Kansas City (L)
The Chiefs are really, really bad.

Baltimore + 3 over Cleveland (W)
I understand the Browns have been playing better, but i still like the Ravens here.

St. Louis +3 over Arizona (L)
I'm beaking my own rule and picking a game involving the Cardinals, who manage to screw me over every time i pick their game. Still, i kinda like the Rams in this game.

Philadelphia -7 over Seattle (W)
The Seahawks are terrible. I've been saying this for years, but because of their crappy ass division they still manage to make the playoffs every year. Not anymore.

Pittsburgh +2 over Washington (W)
I'm still not sure i completely buy the Redskins, though Portis has been an absolute beast. They have to prove it to me Monday night, and i don't think they can.