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Friday, October 10, 2008

CFB Picks

So apparently i forgot to do my recaps of my picks last week. My only defense is that i was without internet from sunday night to thursday night. Actually, that's kind of a good excuse...

Anyway, i went 2-2-1 on my college picks last week, which puts me at 15-15-2 on the season. Talk about a lesson in mediocrity. On to the picks!

Oklahoma -7 over Texas (L)
Hard to take a 7 point favorite in a game featuring two top-5 teams, but i still like Oklahoma and their QB Sam Bradford. Texas' secondary is young and inexperienced. 

Arizona St. +28.5 over USC (W)
(Sigh) God help me, i can't for the life of me figure out why i'm betting on any game involving ASU... To be clear, there is no way in hell ASU wins this game, but USC struggles as a big favorite in conference games. 

Penn St. -6 over Wisconsin (W)
As i said last week, i'm riding Penn St. until they fail me. They've been a huge money-winner so far this season. 

LSU +6 over Florida (L)
I can't bet against LSU in any bigtime, SEC night games. 

Michigan St. -2 over Northwestern (W)
There is zero chance NW is a 6-0 team. Hell, they shouldn't even be a 3-0 team. I think Javon Ringer will bounce back and go for about 160 and MSU controls the game. 

Where You Came From

It's been a couple of weeks, again, since i rolled out my weekly* feature, Where You Came From. Sometimes i fall behind, it happens...

In the past week, people have visited this site from: Canada (3), Germany, and Sweden. Man, that's pathetic...

Anyway, on to the search terms that brought you here:

1) cubs postgame
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3) Cubs swept
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11) dennis green, only one team can win
12) MARWAN WILLIAMS (There it is!)
13) Seitzer batting coach
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15) "they are who we thought they were" transcript (2)
16) dennis green laughing commercial stream
17) dodgers post game press conference saturday october 3, 2008
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19) Bill Cowher vikings (2) (I like where this is going...)
20) open tryouts afl (Again with the open tryouts...)
21) vikings after game conference (After game conference?)
23) nfl Denny Green picks
24) dennis green press conference (2)
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26) marwan williams sentenced
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29) underground video george brett (I'm not sure i want to know...)
30) arizona diamondbacks game by game season

So there you have it. I could have condensed all the 'Cubs getting swept' searches like i usually do with similar searches, but i kinda thought it was funny to post them all. Sorry to all my friends back in Chicago...

As always, thanks for stopping by!

You Have Failed At Life

Again, an easy pick this week for the feature. It's not hard to choose someone when they've just been found guilty on 12 counts ranging from armed robbery to kidnapping to assault. I'm not going to get into whether or not this may have been a make-up call from his murder trial 11 years ago. Everyone already has their own thoughts on this. That said, it was proven 11 years ago that The Juice was at best a shady character, and this trial just confirmed it. Enjoy your time behind bars OJ, you may be there a while...

OJ Simpson: You Have Failed At Life