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Saturday, September 27, 2008

NFL Picks

7-7-1 on the season. This is the week i get back on top of it! On to the picks!

Denver -10 over Kansas City (L)
Kansas City is really, really bad. And Denver scores a ton of points. That's a recipe for a cover.

Carolina -7 over Atlanta (W)
Yes, i realize Michael Turner is a stud. And yes, i realize Matt Ryan has been playing out of his mind. But Atlanta is on the road, and hasn't faced a defense like the Panthers. I expect the Panthers offense, which has been sluggish, to break out this week.

San Diego -8 over Oakland (W)
Oakland is not very good, and the Chargers are trying to get back to .500. They need this game, and i expect LT to dominate. The Raiders as an organization are a complete disaster, so i don't expect much out of them.

Buffalo -8 over St. Louis (W)
Much like it's neighbor to the West, St. Louis is really, really bad. Not to mention they benched their QB this week and the team is on the verge of a revolt. Buffalo is a pretty solid team, and even though they're on the road i think they cruise.

San Francisco - New Orleans over 48 (PUSH)
I keep saying that i don't usually bet on over/unders, but most games involving the Saints deserve to be bet on the over. The Saints are capable of scoring a ton of points, especially at home, and they are also capable of giving up a ton of points. The 49ers have enough weapons to score some points with the Saints and turn this game into a shoot-out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Friday!

Congratulations on making it to the weekend everyone. Enjoy it. 

College Football Picks

11-10-1 on the year. I have no idea about this week, i'll admit that now. On to the picks!

Michigan St. -8.5 over Indiana (W)
Indiana's not very good this year. And Michigan St. does one thing really, really, really well. They run the ball better than maybe everyone else in the country. That, my friends, is Big Ten football. And i love it. 

Penn St. -16 over Illinois (L)
Illinois may be ranked, but i'm not sold on them. Juice turns the ball over too much, and their defense isn't the same this year as it was last year. And Happy Valley is a tough place to play, especially at night. And, oh yeah, Penn St. is averaging 54 points a game this year...

Nebraska -7 over Virginia Tech (L)
Night game, in Memorial Stadium, against a big-time (sort of) opponent, for a program that appears to be back on the rise. I like Nebraska

Maryland +11 over Clemson (W)
Clemson, as usual for my picks, has massively underwhelmed this year with a team that should have been good. Maryland has been inconsistent, but Friedgen usually has his boys up for big games. 

Florida -22.5 over Mississippi (L)
Florida in the swamp will be looking to roll. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Have Failed At Life

This week's Life Failure is pretty much a no-brainer. In fact, at any time since i started this feature he could have been the star. Instead, i waited until the man finally, mercifully, got shit-canned from his job as GM of the Detroit Lions. It was a job he was monumentally horrible at, to the tune of leading his team to a 31-84 record since 2001, when he took over the team. That is, not surprisingly, the worst record in the NFL in that time, with 10 more losses than any other team during that stretch. 

Matt Millen: You Have Failed At Life

Where You Came From

It's been a couple of weeks, again, since i rolled out my weekly* feature, Where You Came From. Sometimes i fall behind, it happens...

In the past week, people have visited this site from: Canada (3), and an undisclosed Europe location (2). Man, that's pathetic...

Anyway, on to the search terms that brought you here:

1) Denis Green Washington Redskins
2) Denny Greene Rant Vikings
3) george brett (I really wish YouTube hadn't taken down this video...)
4) George Brett's bowel movements (On a related note, i saw the video, edited of course, on CNN today. I thought that was strange...)
5) georgia asu college football predictions
6) stupid dennis green quotes
7) Sept 15 football post game interview Tony Romo (Didi miss something good?)
8) denny green who we thought they were (3)
9) "marwan williams" blog (And yet again...)
10) "dennis green" quote 1st win
11) flacco post game interview bears
12) viking coach they are who we thought they are
13) Dennis Green To do that you got
14) commercial where dennis green just laughs (Very specific...)
15) COWHER AND THE VIKINGS IN 2009 (Preach on brother!)
16) iowahawkeyenews (Everheardofspaces?)
17) ditka criminal
18) possible replacements for scott linehan
So there you have it. I swear i must be the first blog that pops up whenever searches for Marwan Williams, all because of two articles i wrote last summer. Crazy...
Anyway, as always, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

End Of The Saga

Today marks the end of what has been a long, sad story involving the Phoenix Suns, the NBA, and sports in general. Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy begins serving his 15-month sentence in prison for his gambling conviction. The disgraced referee plead guilty more than a year ago, and was sentenced in July.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL Picks Review

Now that's the kind of week i'm talking about. 4-1, bringing my overall record to 7-7-1. I'm back in it bitches...

CFB Picks Review

Another crappy ass week for College picks. Remind me to never, ever, EVER bet on Tennessee again. Jesus i'm a fucking retard. 11-10-1 on the year. Losing money now...