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Friday, September 19, 2008

NFL Picks

3-6-1 on the year. Pathetic. Feeling good about this week though...

Atlanta -6 over Kansas City (W)
Look, i don't think Atlanta is all that good, but have you seen the Chiefs? Really, have you seen them? And now they're starting Tyler Thigpen at QB? I like the home team to cover...

Tennessee -4.5 over Houston (W)
The Titans look pretty solid all around. Houston could be rusty after having last week off unexpectedly. Like the home team to cover here as well...

Denver - New Orleans over 51 (W)
Again, I don't take a lot of over/unders during the season, but both of these teams score a lot of points. Should be a wide-open, high-scoring game. 

Baltimore -2.5 over Cleveland (W)
Cleveland is all sorts of terrible...

Buffalo -9.5 over Oakland (L)
Oakland's two top RB's might be out, and they're not that good to begin with. I like Buffalo at home. 

Happy Friday!

In what is becoming my newest weekly feature, it's the return of the Happy Friday post.

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College picks are below, NFL picks will come out tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend everybody...

College Football Picks

Ok kids, i'm back and better than ever. Or, just back really.

After a horrible week in Week 3, it's time for a rebound. 9-7-1 on the year. On to the picks!

Auburn +3 over LSU (L)
Neither team has an offense worth a damn, and both teams have a great defense. Have to go with the home team getting points here.

Michigan St. -9 over Notre Dame (W)
Much like the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, and ASU in college, Notre Dame screws me every time regardless of whether i pick with them or against them. And yet here i am again. Notre Dame's coming off a big win over Michigan, MSU is at home, and MSU can run the ball. I like the Spartans big.

Arizona State +7 over Georgia (L)
I'm not sure ASU can actually pull off the win, but they're been waiting for this game for 9 months. A night game, on the road, on the West Coast, a place Georgia hasn't been in 50+ years. ASU will be geared up for this game.

Penn St. -29 over Temple (W)
Penn St. is averaging something like 54 points a game, and are at home. Expect a blowout...

Tennessee +8 over Florida (L)
Again, i'm not sure the Vols can pull off the win, but i think they hang tough. Florida rolled them last year, then taunted them afterwards. Tennessee has also been looking forward to this game since then. I like Tennessee to keep it close. [EDIT: (Florida up 17-0 in 1st quarter): I'm a fucking moron. Tennessee is officially on my list of teams to never, ever, ever, under any circumstance, EVER bet on. Fuck them...]

Vikings Coaching Options For 2009

So i took a look at possible QB replacements for the Vikings a few days, and here's a look at possible coaching replacements for them.

Brian Billick
He's in the broadcast booth for this year after 8 years with the Ravens. He led the Ravens to a Super Bowl win with a team built very much like the current Vikings team, though he gained his calling as an Offensive Coordinator. Coincidentally, that calling was gained with the Vikings.

Scott Linehan
Let's face it, he's not lasting into next year with the Rams, and may not even last the rest of the season. I'm not sure he's ready/able to be a Head Coach, but he's also got Vikings ties as an Offensive Coordinator under Mike Tice. If not the Head Coach, i wouldn't mind seeing him back as the O.C.

Marty Schottenheimer
I'm not sure i'm sold on Marty either, though he does have a good track record of fielding good teams. His problem has been that he can't win the big playoff/Super Bowl games. Not that that is any different from the Vikings franchise as a whole... Either way, i threw out this name for my brother...

Bill Cowher
The marquee name on this list. Cowher never said he was done coaching after retiring from the Steelers, only that he wanted to take some time off. This is his second year out of coaching, and i would imagine he would start to feel the itch again. Seeing as how Cowher is a great coach, if he decided to come back he would and should have his pick of jobs. Of any teams out there that will be looking for a new coach, it's hard to argue the Vikings wouldn't be the best option.

So there you go. If i had my picks, it'd be Bill Cowher leading a Vikings team with Derek Anderson as it's starting QB to open the 2009 season. But that's a long ways off, and a lot can happen in the meantime.

The 2008 season is still young, and the Vikings, despite being 0-2, still have a chance to have a good season. As a fan, that's all i'm focusing on for now. The rest can wait...

George Brett Is Not Shy About His Bowel Movements

This video is awesome...

H/T to AA for the find...)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

T-Jack Benched: An In-Depth Look At The 2008 Vikings

I just logged into ESPN, and the top headline to the right of their main story was that Tarvaris Jackson of the Minnesota Vikings has been benched in favor of Gus Frerotte for the remainder of the season. There are many things i have to say about this, but let's start here:

You might as well leave him in.

I am by no means on the T-Jack bandwagon. In fact, i am one of the people who did not buy into the 'T-Jack looks better than ever' hype he was getting in the preseason. I've never been a big believer in him, and have never thought he had what it takes to lead this team to where they want to go.

That said, i know for sure Gus Frerotte doesn't have what it takes to lead this team where they want to go. Frerotte is a nice back-up, don't get me wrong, but you know exactly what you're gonna get with him: 15-22, 150 yards, 1 TD 1 INT. He doesn't have a great vertical passing game despite what people say (he's 37 people!), and he's not real mobile.

If you're giving up the hope of this offense having any explosiveness in the passing game, why not stick with T-Jack? He hasn't shown any ability to throw vertically either, but he has a little more upside potential that Gus Frerotte. At least T-Jack can run when things break down...


It's becoming painfully obvious this team needs a change. A change in qb, a change in coaching staff, and a change in philosophy.

The Vikings are loaded at pretty much every position except QB, and they're young at most positions. The O-Line is stacked and in their primes. The running back position is poised to be the best in the League for years to come. They have two solid young WR's in Sydney Rice and Bernard Berrian who can stretch the field, and a decent if not spectacular possession-type receiver in Bobby Wade.

Their defense is absolutely loaded. The front four may be the best in football, with only Pat Williams on the backside of his career. Though they already have his replacement in Fred Evans. The LB crew is young and good. Darren Sharper as a Safety is getting up there, but they have his replacement in Madieu Williams who they signed in the offseason. Antoine Winfield is also getting older, but this team has corners galore in waiting, including Cedric Griffin and Charles Gordon.

This team has the talent at every single position to compete for NFL Championships except the most important position: The QB. Not only that, but they haven't had a good QB since the days of Daunte Culpepper, and even he was good for only three or four years. The Vikings haven't had a franchise quarterback since Fran Tarkenton in the '70s. It's the one thing that's been lacking for decades for this franchise. Contrast that to the Packers, who had a franchise quarterback for 17 years, let him go, and appear to have another one. Makes me sick...

So here's the options. Preferably i'd like to get someone in right now, this season, so this year isn't a total waste. Not sure how feasible that is though, so we'll also look at some options to bring in during the offseason. Also keep in mind the Vikings don't need a Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb type quarterback. They only need someone who can manage the game and not throw picks.

Daunte Culpepper
Yeah, i just threw up in my mouth a little also, but he could bring a certain stability to the position and would be familiar/comfortable in Minnesota. He isn't mobile anymore, but can still make the throws. Our O-Line is good enough to give him the time needed in the pocket. At best though he's a short-term option.

Jeff Garcia
He's clearly fallen out of favor with Jon Gruden in Tampa, but showed last year he's still a capable QB. He played well in Philly in 2006 after replacing an injured McNabb as well. Chris Simms has been named the starter for Week 3, and Garcia has been open about his frustration there. He could be had for the right price.

Derek Anderson
Though he's technically still starting for the Browns, i'm not sure how much longer that will last. The Browns have started 0-2 and have looked bad doing it. The pressure is mounting to start Brady Quinn over Anderson, and if that were to happen i have to believe it would be for the rest of the season. The Vikings might be able to get Anderson away from the Browns.

Kurt Warner/Matt Leinart
Only because i don't believe the Cardinals can keep both of them again next season. One of them will be available. Though to be fair i'm still not sure Leinart is a capable QB, but maybe being out of the nightlife of Scottsdale will do him some good.

That's just a quick list for QB needs. I'll post a rundown later of what i think they should do with the coaching situation. Hint: It doesn't involve Brad Childress...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

South Africa 2010

In the on-going saga that is the World Cup 2010, South Africa finally had some good news about it's stadium and security progress: Sepp Blatter was so happy during his recent trip to view their progress that he claims to have danced

While good news to South Africa and FIFA, i'm still not sure how convinced i am about it. I would imagine things will remain fairly quiet on the front until next June, when South Africa is set to host the ConFed Cup in advance of the World Cup in 2010. Four host cities will  be used for the ConFed Cup, and there will be plenty of FIFA officials on hand to tour the country. You can bet it will be an open audition for South Africa, and unless things go well it will be panic time for FIFA. Keep an eye on this in the coming year...

(H/T to my boy at The Beautiful Game. Check him out over there)

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sports Guy: Revisited

So i wrote a post while i was drunk the other night ripping the Sports Guy and his NFL picks this week. I honestly haven't looked at how i did against him, so let's take a look...

Titans +1 over Bengals (W). (Bengals -1 Tenn) (L)

Vikings +2 over Colts (L) (Colts -2 Vikings) (W)

Bears +3 over Panthers (Push) (Panthers -3 Bears) (Push)

Falcons +7 over Bucs (L) (Bucs -7 Panthers) (W)

Saints pick 'em Redskins (L) (I pick Saints as well) (L)

Bills +5 over Jags (W) (Jags -5 Bills) (L)

Packers -3 over Lions (W) (I agree) (W)

Giants -8.5 over Rams (W) (I agree) (W)

49ers +7 over Seahawks (W) (Seahawks -7 49ers) (L)

Dolphins +6.5 over Cards (L) (Cards -6.5 Seahawks) (W)

Jets -1 over Patriots (L) (Pats +1 NYJ) (W)

Ravens +4.5 over Texans (I agree) (No Game)

Chiefs -3.5 over (L) Raiders (I agree) (L)

Broncos +1.5 over Chargers (W) (Chargers -1.5 Broncos) (L)

Steelers -6 over Browns (L) (I agree) (L)

Eagles +7 over Cowboys (I agree)

Let's break it down! We agreed on 7 games. One was postponed (Baltimore-Houston), and one is still tonight. For the 5 games played, we went 2-3.

That leaves 9 games we disagreed on. Amazingly we both managed to go 4-4-1. So even though we differed on 9 different picks, we both finished the week 6-7-1. With one game to go tonight, we both picked the same (Philly +7), so we're gonna finish the week with the same record. Take into account that the best we could finish is 7-7-1, and it goes to show that neither of us knows shit...

NFL Picks Review

Jesus i suck at picking the NFL. 1-3-1 on the week, which puts me record through Week 2 at 3-6-1. I got some work to do...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

NFL Picks

2-3 last week, on to another week. Here's the picks:

New Orleans -1 over Washington (L)
This line just seems wrong. Washington looked terrible last week, and New Orleans can score a ton of points...

Green Bay -3 over Detroit (W)
I can't believe i'm picking a new starting quarterback on the road, but Detroit's defense is bad.

San Diego +1 over Denver (Push)
Denver can't possibly be as good as they looked against Oakland last week, and i don't think San Diego will start out 0-2.

Pittsburgh -6.5 over Cleveland (L)
Cleveland is terrible. As in, really, really bad...

Cincinnati (Pick 'em) over Tennessee (L)
I can already tell Cincy is going to be the death of me this season...

College Football Picks Review

2-3 on the week, thanks to Georgia and Oregon not managing to cover. Record after three weeks is 9-7-1. Still at 56%, which is turning a profit. Here's to a better week next week...