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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Sports Guy

Look, i'll admit it: I used to love ESPN's Sports Guy, Bill Simmons. When i was in college i ate his shit up. Then the Patriots got good, then the Red Sox got good, then the Celtics got good, and he became practically insufferable. To the point where i can barely read him. 

This week's NFL Picks column is the coup de tat, where pretty much everything he says i want to fucking punch him in the face for. Not to mention his picks suck fucking ass. Fuck he pissed me off. Fuck!

Below is his picks, followed by own, better picks. Trust me, i'll let you know how this shakes out. Simmon's picks first, mine in parentheses.

(And these are not my picks, I'll throw those up later.)

Titans +1 over Bengals. (Bengals -1 Tenn)

Vikings +2 over Colts (Colts -2 Vikings)

Bears +3 over Panthers (Panthers -3 Bears)

Falcons +7 over Bucs (Bucs -7 Panthers)

Saints pick 'em Redskins (I pick Saints as well)

Bills +5 over Jags (Jags -5 Bills)

Packers -3 over Lions (I agree)

Giants -8.5 over Rams (I agree)

49ers +7 over Seahawks (Seahawks -7 49ers)

Dolphins +6.5 over Cards (Cards -6.5 Seahawks)

Jets -1 over Patriots (Pats +1 NYJ)

Ravens +4.5 over Texans (I agree)

Chiefs -3.2 over Raiders (I agree)

Broncos +1.5 over Chargers (Chargers -1.5 Broncos)

Steelers -6 over Browns (I agree)

Eagles +7 over Cowboys (I agree)

Ok, so i disagreed with 9 of Simmon's picks. Let's see how the week turns out...

Friday, September 12, 2008

College Football Picks

OK kids... The NFL is obviously not my bag, but college i'm doing ok in. 7-4-1 on the year. Here's the picks for the week. 

Oregon -8.5 over Purdue (L)
Purdue (Big Ten) sucks. 

Georgia -7.5 over S. Carolina (L)
This line just seems wrong. Georgia is a national title contender right?

USC -12 over OSU (W)
No Beanie Wells? No OSU cover...

Missouri -26.5 over Nevada-Reno (W)
Missouri just has a crazy offense.

Michigan - Notre Dame under 38 (L)
I don't normally bet over/unders, but these two teams might not combine for 20 points...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Press Conference

The always famous, always funny, classic Herm Edwards rant is this weeks Press Conference:

Back with the picks tomorrow!

Where You Came From

It's been a couple weeks since i last rolled out my weekly* feature, Where You Came From, in which i examine the different countries that people have visited this site from and the search terms that brought you here. Enjoy!

In the last week people have visited this site from: China, Canada, and Indonesia. Not many countries, but another new one (Indonesia), and we had a lot of visitors from Canada...

Anyway, here are the search terms that brought people here. As always, the search terms are reproduced here unedited, and i have added the number of times the search appeared and my commentary in parentheses.

2) dennis green they are who we thought they were
3) "the chuckster" tnt
4) dennis green meltdown
5) kevin seitzer, hitting (along with the now-famous Marwan Williams, Kevin Seitzer gets the most non-Dennis Green searches...)
6) washington redskins dennis greene (He can't be worse than the Zornstar...)
7) september 7, 2008 Cowboys Post Game Press Conference
8) Dennis Green invention (What did he invent? New ways to lose? Zing!)
9) carolina panthers post game press conference
10) dodgers clubhouse chemistry 2008
11) dallas cowboys post game press conference sept 7 2008 cleveland
12) brett favre post game interview sept 7
13) joe flacco post game interview (2)
14) Postgame conference NFL 2008
15) dennis green blowout
16) minnesota vikings open tryouts (Seriously, what is with all these searches lately for open tryouts with pro teams? Does this actually happen?)
17) nfl picks (2)
18) Denny the dog NFL

So there you have it. It's a strange way a lot of you get here. Thanks as always for the support!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

NFL Picks Review

And that kids, is why you don't bet what you don't have. 2-3 on the week. Not good... At least next week we'll have a better idea of what's going on in the NFL...