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Saturday, September 6, 2008

College Football Picks Review

3-1-1 on the week. Florida had a lower line earlier in the week, but i was late getting on it. Puts me at 7-4-1 on the season. I can deal with that...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday

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Enjoy your weekends everyone...

NFL Picks

Thank Christ the NFL is back. And college football. Football in general. 

Anyway, on to my NFL picks. As mentioned in my last post with my college picks, i'm going to pick only 5 games each week to keep it simple. Oh, and one of those picks was the Giants over Washington last night, which was a winner (look it up). On to the picks!

Cincinnati -2.5 over Baltimore (L)
Starting rookie quarterback Joe Flacco. Let me say that again: Starting rookie quarterback Joe Flacco. Oh, and he played at a DII school. 

New England -16 over Kansas City (L)
Brody Croyle, Tom Brady. Brody Croyle, Tom Brady...

Detroit -3.5 over Atlanta (L)
Yup, changed this pick Sunday morning. Took Indy -10 over Chicago off the board due to concerns about Peyton's knee, and put the Detroit pick on the board due to the fact another rookie quarterback is involved in this game (Matt Ryan for the Falcons). Like this pick...

Arizona -3 over San Francisco (W)
These Cardinals are going to be the death of me. I know this going in. I picked them to win the division (like a moron), and now i'm picking them to win, on the road, against a team they lost to twice last year. Jesus i'm retarded... (JT O'Sullivan anyone?)

College Football Picks

Ok kids, back for the week. One change: I'm only picking five games each week, in College and the NFL. 7 games is just too much. So with that said, onto the picks!

Penn St. -15.5 over Oregon St. (W)
Penn. St looked really good last week, is at home, and Oregon State traditionally struggles early and on the road. Not a good combination.

Florida -23 over Miami (Push)
This line keeps going up. Either way, i think Florida rolls. Miami is not what they used to be.

W. Virginia -7.5 over ECU (L)
There is zero chance ECU pulls off another upset this week.

Washington +9.5 over BYU (W)
Not sure Washington can pull off the upset, but like them to cover. Which, by the way, is a terrible way to bet. If you bet a 'dog, you should do so because you think they can win. So i'm violating my own rule here. Take that for what's worth.

Kansas -20.5 over La. Tech. (W)
La. Who? Exactly...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

NFL Picks

This is a short version of the picks, as i want to get tonight's pick in. I'll have the full version sometime this weekend.

New York Giants -4.5 over Washington (W)
Somehow i think the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants should be getting more than 4.5 points against the Redskins. At home.

NFL Preview

It's back! The NFL is here! Hallelujah!

Now i have something to fill the black void in my soul. Some would say you fill that with a woman. I make do with the NFL for now. Don't judge me.


Tonight marks the return of the NFL as the NY Giants host the Washington Redskins at the Meadowlands to kickoff the 2008 season. I couldn't be more excited. So with that in mind, here is an abbreviated NFL Preview post.

Division Winners:

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys.
NFC South: Carolina Panthers.
NFC West: Arizona Cardinals. (I can't believe i'm making this pick...)
NFC North: Minnesota Vikings. Yeah, it's a homer pick, but the division sucks.

AFC East: New England
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
AFC North: Pittsburgh
AFC West: San Diego

NFC Wildcard Teams: Philadelphia, New Orleans

AFC Wildcard Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns

NFC Championship: Dallas over Minnesota

AFC Championship: New England over Jacksonville

Super Bowl: New England over Dallas

As a side note - It kills me to pick Dallas to make the Super Bowl, but the NFC is weak again and i can't see Tarvaris Jackson leading the Vikings to the Super Bowl. That said, the Vikings do have the most upside of any team in the NFC.

League MVP: Adrian Peterson. If the Vikings do make the NFC Championship game, it will be on the back of AP. Therefore the MVP goes to him.

So there you go. Enjoy the football everybody, and be happy it's back...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You Have Failed At Life

Wow, i don't even know where to being this week with people who have failed at life. So many people to choose from...

First off is the story of Tatum Bell, ex-RB of the Detroit Lions. Bell was released from the Lions after they signed RB Rudi Johnson, and apparently was a tad disgruntled. While Johnson was in the coaches office agreeing to terms on a contract, Bell stole Johnson's luggage while it sat outside the office.

I first saw that story last night, and Bell was a lock to be featured in this week's column. That was until i got to work today and i saw the following story. While attending the NBA Rookie Symposium in Rye Brook, NY, former Kansas University standouts and NCAA Tourney Heroes Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers were caught with marijuana in their hotel room they were sharing. Both were sent home from the Symposium, in which new NBA players are taught how to adjust to NBA life, how to manage their money, and how to stay out of trouble, among other things.

Arthur and Chalmers, per League policy, will be required to attend the session again next year, and there are rumors they may start the season on the Suspended List as well. They are also both $20,000 lighter in the pockets thanks to their toking.

Call me strange, but a place where you are learning how to be a good citizen isn't the best place to bring a bag of weed.

Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers: You Have Failed At Life.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CFB Picks Review

Alright, 4-3 was not a great start to the year. Michigan sucked, which i should have known (and told my brother to bet Utah, go figure), and Tennessee should have won by 20 but their quarterback was awful. UCLA threw four picks in the first half and Tennessee only scores 14 points? Worthless...

Regardless, still above .500. And i'm feeling good about this year...