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Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday!

This picture just kills me...
see more pwn and owned pictures

Enjoy your weekend everybody...

(H/T to Failblog)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

RIP Gene Upshaw

I'm not one to usually post about deaths, as i try to keep this site light and funny, but i felt i should mention this one. NFL Players Association head Gene Upshaw passed away due to pancreatic cancer. In relevance to two stories i've written before regarding the NFLPA and the upcoming CBA (here and here), Upshaw's passing creates even more questions than answers.

Upshaw was known as a really tough nosed guy who stood up for his players under almost all situations (well, current players, let's not get started on retired players), and had a knack to drive a hard bargain in negotiations with the NFL. He was to have seen the NFLPA through it's current negotiations for a new CBA then retire. Sadly, Upshaw did not make it that far.

The NFLPA is now in an interesting place, as it's greatest and loudest voice has passed. Regardless of who they bring in to take his place (look for former Viking Robert Smith), that person will not have near the experience Upshaw had. Because of this, expect the NFL to attempt to drive a hard bargain in regards to the player revenue pool and a rookie salary structure, which i believe will be the NFL's number 1 issue.

If the NFL does indeed attempt to drive a hard bargain and take advantage of the new NFLPA head (keeping in mind Roger Goodell has done exactly this with regards to issues like player suspensions, drug testing, etc.), expect the NFLPA to scoff at those demands. They are still a strong organization and not willing to bow to the NFL's wishes.

They have two years to come to an agreement, but the passing of Upshaw does nothing to help the NFLPA's stance. Let's hope it doesn't affect their ability to come to an agreement on a new CBA...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Press Conference

It's been a while since i posted a video of a press conference, so for this one i went straight to mother load of awesome press conferences: Bobby Knight. He's a veritable goldmine when it comes to outbursts and profanity-laced press conferences, which makes him perfect for this feature. Below is a press conference i actually had not seen before, from the NCAA Tournament a long time ago.

I love Bobby Knight.

On a side note, i had a buddy in college who worked on the video crew for the Iowa football team. One of their duties was to exchange tapes with other teams they were going to play during the season. One year the Indiana film crew gave my buddy a tape of a halftime speech Knight gave his players while at Indiana in a game they were losing badly. It was one of the filthiest, dirtiest, meanest things i've ever heard in my life. And i was dying laughing through the entire thing...

Where You Came From

Time for my weekly* feature: Where You Came From, in which i examine the different countries that people have visited this site from and the search terms that brought you here. Enjoy!

In the last (2) week(s) people have visited this site from: Korea, an undetermined Europe country, Slovakia (?), and Jordan. Not a lot of countries, but some different ones. That's always fun...

Anyway, here are the search terms that brought people here. As always, the search terms are reproduced here unedited, and i have added the number of times the search appeared and my commentary in parentheses.

1) deniss green blowing up
2) how many conference titles has shaq got
3) dennis green press conference (2)
4) will mcbride blogspot (no idea who this is...)
5) US men's soccer vs England
6) valleysports.blogspot
7) phoenix cardinals tryouts
8) nfl kicker open tryouts
9) dennis green they are who we thought they were video
10) usa 4x100 08/10/08 (Awesome)
11) arizona diamondbacks open tryouts
12) nfl open tryouts (What is with all these open tryout queries?)
13) Denny Green preseason

Overall, a pretty week last couple of weeks in terms of traffic and search terms. Doesn't help that my posting kinda dropped off a little. These Olympics are just so damn entertaining i find myself getting lost in them...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Listen, i admitted going into the Olympics (here) that i was at best indifferent, with the exception of soccer. And so far, in that same article, my prediction is still holding up with the Men's soccer team eliminated and the Women in the quarterfinals. But that's neither here nor there.

After one week, i admit i am completely captivated by the Olympics. I have watched every one of Michal Phelps 17 swims and was jumping and screaming during his finals. I have rooted Men's water polo to victory against the heavily favored Croatians and into the Medal round with a defeat of Germany. I have watched the USA basketball team absolutely destroy any and all comers.

I watched Usain Bolt obliterate the 100m world record. I complained about the scoring system in boxing and watched China dominate the synchronized diving competitions. I cheered for Shawn Johnson (an Iowa girl) and Nastia Liukin to win all-around medals, and was disappointed when they finished 2nd in the team competition.

I've watched sports i've never seen before, and ones i've never even heard of. I watched a points race in bicycling, totally baffled at what was going on but enthralled. I knew archery was a competition but actually watched it this year. I didn't know you could get a medal for Trampoline, but i watched those finals as well. I watched some equestrian thing earlier. Hell, i'm watching synchronized swimming as i write.

But there is nothing, and i do mean NOTHING, as completely and utterly bizarre as the Steeplechase. I knew what the steeplechase was going in, have even watched a race or two in my day, but watching the final tonight... I mean, have you watched this? It's like they took the most random elements possible and combined them! It makes no sense!

It's a race around a track, with some hurdles. That i can handle. But then, inexplicably, there is another hurdle with a water hazard behind it. A water hazard! In the middle of a race!

I just can't for the life of me wrap my mind around the concept of where this race originated from. How did this come about? Who came up with it? How did it evolve? Who was the guy who said 'Let's make them run a hurdles race, but then once a lap put a pool of water behind one hurdle'? Did he make a fortune off this idea? He had to have, right? Right?!

It's just the most bizarre, random, inexplicable, crazy thing you could possibly imagine. And somehow you get an Olympic medal for it...