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Friday, June 20, 2008

No Words Can Describe This Awesomeness

I first heard of young Pat Venditte a little over a year ago, as he was a pitcher for at one of my best friend's Alma Mater, Creighton University in Omaha. Venditte is a switch pitcher, and yes you just read that correctly. He can pitch with either hand. Below is a video of him in a Single A game with the Yankees. It's umm, entertaining...

(H/T to Deadspin)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekly Press Conference

Here's my video from my Weekly Press Conference segment. It involves Brian Scalabrine shortly after the Celtic's won the NBA Championship and one very pompous and arrogant reporter from Europe. I like how the reporter basically indicates he doesn't care about the NBA by mentioning soccer, but i particularly enjoy how Scalbrine takes a horrible question and makes a joke out of it...

Uploaded by bsap11

Yes Brian, in 30 years you will be my MVP of the Finals as well...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Feature!

In honor of one of the best sites on the Intrawebs, Fail Blog, i am introducing another new feature on this site called 'You Have Failed At Life'. It will be dedicated to the stupid and moronic in sports, and will join such regular* features as Where You Came From and Weekly Press Conferences. My first dedication will be up shortly, but for now enjoy a couple examples from the Fail Blog website of why i love it so...



* Regular is used loosely...

Where You Came From

Once again, my 'weekly' features are a tad less than weekly, but whatever. I've been a busy man (sort of). Here's my favorite, in which i chronicle the search terms that brought you people here. You people appear to be a messed up group...

Countries visiting: The UK, India, Germany, and an undefined Europe address. India's a new one, though my international audience appears to be dwindling...

On to the Search Terms. Again, these are the terms people searched for that brought them to my site. They are unedited, and as such have many spelling and grammatical errors. My commentary is in parentheses...

1) local phoenix sports blog (that makes sense)
2) iowa hawkeye basketball (interest is gearing up already!)
3) dennis green bad day (just one?)
4) nba referee scandal fix (This one is still lingering...)
5) NBA post game press conference
6) NBA post game press conference game 4
7) Dennis Green, a great judge of talent, nothing more... (That's a new one)
8) church of purple jesus (Oh yeah!)
9) iowa Justin Johnson profile (see? It's only June!)
10) david stern done a lot for the NBA (yes, but what have you done for me lately?)
11) "a day in the life" of coach dennis green (I bet it involves fishing...)
12) big brother 9 dennis green shorts (I have no idea.)
13) kent state black college girls big booty (Umm, i'm just gonna stay away from that one...)
14) Dennis Green post game conference (2)
15) phoenix sports
16) Dennis Green
17) bob bradley postgame press conference
18) marwan williams (Still!)
19) dennis greene news conference (Almost spelled the name right...)
20) valleysports (near as i can tell some sort of D.C.-area sports site...)
21) mariners dennis green (No, i don't think Denny wants to coach the Mariners)
22) " NFL CBA" (Timely)

So there you go. Thanks for coming, leave some comments, tell some friends. Late

Monday, June 16, 2008

Open Tryouts

Ever wanted to play kicker for a professional football team? Well, neither have I, but just in case you ever wondered how you would go about doing that, it's apparently way easier than one would think. All you have to do is show up at the game as a spectator.

The Chicago Rush, of the AFL, had their only kicker on the roster, one Paul Edinger (last heard from in 2005 as a kicker with the Vikings!) managed to tweak his groin just prior to gametime. Apparently one of their players knew a Joe O'Donnell was attending and had some kicking experience (coincidentally his 'experience' was a tryout with the Bears in 2004 against Edinger).

O'Donnell was summoned to the Rush locker room, given an impromptu tryout, then placed in a uniform and trotted onto the field, where he went on to convert 5 of 7 field goals for the game.

I, for one, am going to start attending more AFL games...