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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


One more issue i failed to mention yesterday regarding the NFL CBA and the on-going situation. One issue of the CBA, which i actually think will be easy to resolve by both the Owners and the NFLPA, is a rookie salary structure.

The pay structure for rookies has become ridiculous, culminating in this year's #3 pick Matt Ryan signing a 6-year, $72 Million dollar deal this week. This guy hasn't thrown a pass yet in the NFL, or even participated in Training Camp. Yet he's getting $72 Million, of which more than $34 Million of it is guaranteed!?

I don't know about you, but if i was a veteran with 7 or 8 years experience, and some rookie is coming in getting that kind of money... Well, i'd be pretty upset.

What the NFL needs is what the NBA has, a rookie salary structure. Whatever pick you're taken at determines how much money you make, and it's not outrageous money. It gives the young guys an incentive to spend a few years playing hard and improving, as they typically get their big payday on their second contract, usually after three years in the League.

However, like i said, i don't think this will be much of an issue to hammer out. The Owners will want it in order to protect against draft busts and paying tons of money, and the NFLPA will want it because the money not going to the rookies will be going to the older players in forms of higher Veteran Minimum salaries and the like.

Anyway, this CBA thing should be interesting, and i'll update as needed right here...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


That's Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for those of you who don't know. And it's in the news today because at the NFL Owners Meetings the owners voted 32-0 to end the NFL's CBA after the 2010 season. What does this mean for the NFL and your favorite team?

Well, it depends who you talk to. First, let me explain that i don't believe the Owners or the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) will allow this to expire before getting a new deal in place. That said, it brings up some interesting scenarios that could play out.

This upcoming season, 2008, and next season, 2009, will remain the same. In 2010, if there is indeed no new CBA in place, the season will have no salary cap. Which means watch out for big market teams, such as Dallas, New England, and New York. Gene Upshaw, the man in charge of the NFLPA, has claimed that if there is ever an uncapped season, the players will never again go back to a salary cap.

(On a side note, this vastly affects my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, in a number of reasons. First off, they have the best cap man in the league in Rob Brzezinski. They consistently have the most money to spend in the offseason the last few years, which has resulted in their ability to bring in big-time free agents such as Jared Allen. With no cap, Minnesota is considered to be a small-market franchise, and as a result will not have the money to contend with the aforementioned big-market teams.

The Vikings have a terrible stadium situation at the moment, to the point where they are making almost zero money from the Metrodome. After repeated attempts to get a new stadium financed by the people in the state of Minnesota have failed, it appears to be a stale-mate. In a League with no cap, where money is everything, the Vikings will flounder, paving the way for them to look at a move to Los Angeles. They would have a state of the art stadium, plus the luxury of the second largest market in the League with no other NFL team there. Needless to say, i'm a bit apprehensive about this CBA situation.)

But i digress. Looking at the overall impact, after a 2010 season with no salary cap, there is a very high chance that in 2011 the players would strike. I don't know about you, but that would be very, very bad, as the NFL is a) the most popular League in the US, b) The best-run League in the US, and c) My favorite League to watch.

The silver lining in all of this is that, as i stated above, i think it is unlikely the situation ever gets that far. The Owners and the NFLPA have two years to get a new cap in place, where i think there will only be two main sticking points (Revenue sharing between Owners and how big a chunk of the money the Players get. Currently it's more than 50%). That said, it's a situation all NFL fans should be keeping an eye on in the next two years.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Iowa Hawkeye News

Interesting story over at Hugging Harold Reynolds, via the Daily Iowan, about the alleged sexual assault by members of the Hawkeye Football team from about six months ago. Not a good sign, nor is the state of the Hawkeye football team in general the last few years. Captain Kirk needs to get control of his program back, and quick.

Where You Came From

Time once again for my (sort of) weekly feature 'Where You Came From', where i take a look at the different countries that have visited this site, as well as the search terms that brought you here.

So, without further adu, here are the different countries that have visited my blog in the last 10 days: Germany, Canada (3), Norway, Europe (apparently they couldn't define the country?), and Mexico.

Now my favorite part of this, the search terms people entered that led them here. The parentheses are my own thoughts about the search terms, which are copied and pasted and not corrected for spelling or grammar.

1) NBA officiating questionable (You don't say...)
2) Dennis Green Pic
3) game 5 suns and spurs 2008 shaq post game press
4) hazell stoudemire (Amare's father or brother, depending on if it's Sr. or Jr.)
5) they are who we thought they were commercial
6) Tnt "The chuckster" (no doubt looking for the 'I'm a dumbass' segment...)
7) Charles is who we THOUGHT he was dennis green (huh?)
8) purple jesus tshirt adrian peterson (Yeah, that's right)
9) transcript "They are who we thought they were"
10) listen to dennis green press conference (3)
11) marwan williams (Along with references to Dennis Green's press conference, which are to be expected, this one is the only one that's been on every one of these list's i've done. That's really surprising to me for some reason...)
12) shaq press conference suns
13) celtics game 4 press conference
14) dennis green nike
15) dennis green draft day commercial
16) diamondbacks post game news conference
17) nba tnt

So there you go. Special thanks to The Beautiful Game for stealing this idea for his own post (I freely encourage you to steal my ideas, especially if you give me credit for it, since i stole this idea from someone else) and for visiting here regularly. Keep up the good work on your own site!


There seems to be a lot of internet chatter about a change over at ESPN. Rumor has it that they are toying with the idea of turning ESPN Classic into ESPN 3 and making it a soccer-centered channel, with the English Premier League it's primary goal to obtain broadcasting rights to.

Wow. Very interesting, and one i am in full support of. I try to watch one or two EPL games each weekend on Fox Sports Channel, and an MLS game or two each week. Plus, with all the National Team appearances coming up in the next two years, it would be a great idea to have one place to watch all these games. It will be interesting to see how/if this develops...

(h/t to AOL Fanhouse)
(h/t to SBI)