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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where You Came From

Time for my (almost) weekly feature, Where You Came From, where i take a look at the countries that have visited this site and the search terms that brought you here...

In the last 9 days (it's been slow around here) we've had visitors from Germany, Canada, France, Italy, and the good 'ole US of A. My international audience has been sorely lacking as of late.

Now for my favorite part of this post, the search terms that brought people here. As always, these are copied and pasted, therefore not corrected for any errors spelling or otherwise.

1) dennis green quotes vikings
2) The Big Shaqtus (2)
3) Marwan Williams (2) (Seriously, every week? Still?)
4) fuck brett favre (2) (Ha ha ha, i still love that that one brings people here...)
5) dennis green postgame (3)
6) shirts iowa 2008 wrestling national championship
7) suns vs celtics 2008
8) kenechi udeze press conference
9) Phoenix SUns Scandal Iowa (Huh?)
10) http smitty's blogspot com (So close...)
11) 2008 nba playoff after game press conferences
12) Suns and Spurs postgame press conference
13) stupid sports quotes "dennis green" (That one says it all...)
14) NBA postgame conference April 19 2008
15) a bad day coach dennis green
16) dennis green basketball (Again, huh?)
17) "pitcher hit two home runs in a game" (That would be Micah Owings...)
18) ahh ha (That's random)
19) Dennis Green
20) trampling video gworld (No idea how that brought someone here...)
21) referee betting scandal quote (Arrgghhh... don't get me started)
22) Miami Heat Postgame Press conference

So that's it. As always, thanks for stopping by. Stick around and leave some comments...

Uh oh!

Hey NFC North:

You are in trouble.

The Minnesota Vikings, who already have the best tandem of interior defensive linemen in the League, and therefore the best run defense in the League, just traded for and signed the League's sack leader from last season, Jared Allen (All the major news sources have the story, but read about it here).

Thank you Kansas City and Herm Edwards, for being so inept that one of the best Defensive End's in the NFL wanted no part of signing a long-term deal with.

And so the Vikings defense just got a whole lot stronger. Best run defense. Last year's sack leader with 15.5 sacks. One of the best safeties in the NFL, Darren Sharper, the NFL's leader in INT's since 2000. A great corner in Antoine Winfield.

This defense is gonna be stacked.

Oh, and did i mention they have arguably the best running back in the League, Pro Bowl MVP Adrian Peterson?

Is it September yet??