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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big Ten Tourney

I could write about the atrocity that is the Big Ten Tournament, or about how Iowa bowed out ever so (not) gracefully on the first day, but why would i do that when it is so eloquently recapped here.

It's long been known this season that the Big Ten was down, but jesus i didn't realize it was this bad. Here's a tip to all you bettors out there- No matter what Big Ten teams make the tourney, bet against all of them, with the possible exception of Wisconsin. They play such a slow-down style that it keeps them in games with anyone. In their case, always bet the under.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


I spend as little time as possible writing about Arizona State University or the University of Arizona, mainly because i have no real ties to either school other i happen to live in the same city as ASU. Actually, if you want to get technical, i live in Phoenix and ASU is in Tempe, but those are details.

Anyway, all things being equal, i do have a tendency to pull for UA a little bit more than ASU, due to the fact that their basketball coach, Lute Olson, was the coach at my Alma Mater, the University of Iowa (way, way before i went to school there), before heading to Tucson.

Also, all things being equal, i have a general irritation towards students from ASU; the guys are a bunch of douche bags, and while the girls are crazy hot, their bitchiness is unparalleled with the exception of girls from 'Chicago-land' (Don't get me started). Tucson, and UA in general, strikes me as a town and college similar to my own, and thus i can't hate.

All of this is to point out the fact that i think all this talk surrounding UA, ASU, and who deserves to be in the tourney is hilarious. With UA winning yesterday and ASU losing today, i am really, really, really hoping for UA to get into the dance and ASU to be left out. As i said, i have no real rooting interest, i just think it would be fucking funny.

And really, that's all i can ask for in life...


I really can't qualify this post other than just soccer, mainly because i'm going to touch on a bunch of different subjects. There has been a lot going on in the world of US Soccer, and i haven't written about much of it yet because, well, because i'm lazy. I'm nothing if not honest...

First off, the US Women's Team won their sixth Algarve Cup in Portugal, defeating Denmark 2-1 in the championship game. The two goals were the only two goals the Danish side had allowed all tournament, and were part of the Americans record for most goals in the tournament with 12 (in four games). Natasha Kai (who is heavily tattooed - courtesy of Us Versus Them) and Abby Wambach scored the two goals for the US side. For Wambach, it was her 89th career goal in just 108 appearances, a staggering number. By my calculations, she needs just 17 goals to move into second all-time in career scoring, though still a distant second to Mia Hamm's 158 career goals.

Next, Olympic qualifying is underway for the Men's U-23 squad. With a squad heavily littered with the U-20 team that made some noise in last year's U-20 World Cup, the Americans were expected to somewhat breeze through these first three games. That was not the case, however, as they looked disjointed and uninterested at times in their 1-1 tie with Cuba in the first game Tuesday. Their second game is tonight against Panama, and can bee seen on Fox Sports Channel. FSC is still the best place to find soccer on cable, but man could they use HD...

As i said, the Americans looked somewhat lackluster at time, with the notable exception of Freddy Adu. The much-maligned Adu shined, getting the lone goal for the US and being robbed of at least two more on great saves by the Cuban keeper. I also was impressed with Pat McCarty's effort in the midfield, we are going to have way too many center midfielders on the Senior team in the next couple of years. Let's hope one or two of them can convert to defender, where we really need them. My boy Jozy Altidore only played in the first half, and got roughed up a bit. He looked lost at times as the lone striker up top, but to be fair did not get the ball in good spots. He should be fresh and ready to go tonight.

Lastly, an interesting sub-plot coming out of the Olympic qualifying tournament is that 7 members of the Cuban team have already left the team and defected, as the tournament is being held in Tampa Bay. It leaves the Cuban team with just 11 players, with one of those suspended for tonight's game due to a red-card against the Americans, leaving them with only 10 available to play Honduras. It is unclear whether the team will be forfeiting their remaining two matches; if so, it is unfortunate timing for the Americans, who apparently could have used the forfeit...

A Bad Idea Indeed, Rob...

This video just kills me for some reason.... (Update: Video working again!)

Reporter Owned By Sled - Watch more free videos

Thanks to AA for the find...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Big Shaqtus

Who says professional athletes don't learn anything?

This video is from the Suns game on Sunday against the Spurs:

Scary, yet nice agility by Shaq to superman-jump over the kids in the first row and land in the second row.

This video is from the Suns game last night:

Watch the Suns bench scatter like scared children. I particularly like Asst. Coach Dan D'Antoni practically trampling people to get out of the way - He is right where the bench splits. He and the coaches go right, the players go left.

UPDATE: Found this quote from Dan D'Antoni about the play from AZ Central over at True Hoop (A fantastic blog by the way):

"When the ball started bouncing our way, I saw him kind of lower his torso down. All I could see were these two eyes starting to widen out and they were coming right at my seat. So I was trying to get up. I said, 'Well, I saw the last game.' And it wasn't looking good if he catches me. I'm too old. I would've sat in there but Robert (Sarver) doesn't have me insured. I wasn't about to give up my entire life right there. So I'm trying to move out of the way. Phil Weber, the other assistant coach, not very quick. I had to try to get him out of the way. I'm trying to move him out and then I looked at the team and they were all at the other side. Poor Shaq is sitting there, 'Isn't anybody going to give me any love?' I said not after the other night. No way was I staying."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post Game (Race?) Press Conference

Ok, so this is technically a post race press conference, but it's recent (from Sunday) and hilarious; 99% of the time all you hear out of racer's mouths after a race is how well their team, car, sponsors, crew, chief, and everything else under the sun performed. Tony Stewart? Not so much...

New Feature!

I'm starting a new feature on this-here blog which, at least at first, will run about twice a week. Seeing as how the name of this blog is The Dennis Green Postgame Press Conference, and the inspiration for this blog was, umm, Dennis Greens Postgame Press Conference from the Cardinals-Bears game a couple years ago (which you can watch over to the right), i thought i would start posting videos of other infamous postgame press conference.

Unfortunately, the first one i wanted to post, and one of my favorites, is Rasheed Wallace's famous 'Both teams played hard', which apparently is as hard to find video of as it is to crack the space-time continuum (Two points for the Back To The Future reference...).

The best video i could come up with is the one below from Need4Sheed, which is a great site by the way.

It's not perfect, but it gets the point across. He answered every question after the game with that same response. I've always liked Sheed for some reason...