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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kidd Trade Gets Interesting

So i wrote yesterday briefly about the Jason Kidd trade to the Mavs, which at the time seemed imminent. However, after a couple of interesting developments, maybe not as much.

The first is that role player Devean George exercised his option to veto the trade. He does not have a no-trade option, but rather a little-known and little-used option because of his second one-year contract with the Mavs. They are called early-bird rights, and basically it gives the Mavs the option of signing George to a contract exceeding the salary cap (thus more money) at the end of his current contract. If George is traded, he loses that right. Which is why he has the ability to veto any potential trade, in order to make the most possible money.

No one actually expected George to exercise that option, given that he is basically terrible (especially against the Suns, where he is notorious for putting dropping deuces in the middle of the court and being booed off the court when he played with the Lakers), and the Mavs were unlikely to sign him to much money, if at all. But, he had the right and chose to use it.

All of which i find hilarious. Like, really, really hilarious. The Mavs and Nets were ready to do this deal, with everyone involved already accepting the fact they were getting traded. The Nets held Kidd out of there game yesterday because of it. Jerry Stackhouse spoke to the media about being traded to the Nets, and what was going to happen when he got there (Much, much more on that in a paragraph or two). Dumb move Stack, dumb move).

After George exercised his option and it appeared the trade hit a snag, Dallas decided to play the players involved in the trade rumor (George, Diop, Stack and Harris). Well, sort of. Stack didn't play, Harris is hurt, Diop dropped in a whopping 4 points, and Devean George went a shittacular 0-11 with 0 points. Oh, and he got booed. Again. Ha ha ha!

As if this whole Devean George saga isn't funny enough (it is), there's the small little detail about Jerry Stackhouse. You see, apparently the Nets were going to buy out Stack once he got there (ED. Note: Finally have a link for this. Yesterday I couldn't find a story about this anywhere. How did i write about this before ESPN and the other big sites?) Why i'm not sure, because Stack is a good player and good actually help a Nets team that is currently sitting in the 7 spot for the playoffs. Regardless, the Nets told Stack of their plan, and apparently the Mavs are interested in re-signing Stack after the Nets buy him out.

Two things: First, after a person is traded and bought out, they must wait 30 days to re-sign with their former team (the Mavs). Second, you can't, you know, TELL PEOPLE THAT AGREEMENT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. Apparently Stack did not get the second memo. The NBA has this thing called the collective bargaining agreement, and the Mavs having an agreement in place to re-sign Stack would be a clear violation of that.

If that is the case, the trade could run into more problems, mainly those of David Stern and the NBA offices. If it is found they had an agreement in place, their will (should) be punishment from the NBA. What that punishment could be is up for speculation, but some things i have heard range from a veto of the trade alltogether to not allowing the Mavs to re-sign Stack at any point this season.

Whatever happens, it should be an interesting couple of days. I still feel the trade will happen, given that both teams want to do it, it has already been agreed to in principle, and George does not seem completely against the trade, just that he wanted to evaluate it further. That said, it may have to be altered some in the form of who's going where.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Wild Wild West

Holy crap. And we all thought the Western Conference was loaded before. Then shit got interesting. The Lakers made the first move, stealing Pau Gasol in a move reminiscent of the the Colts packing up and leaving Baltimore in the in the middle of the night? You can call that trade Gasol for the poo-poo platter. Kwame Brown and crap, this is ridiculous. Coach Pop summed it up well here.

So feeling a need to respond (though they're not calling a response, even if they're kidding themselves), the Suns went and pulled Shaq back in to the West. The reaction, to be kind, has been mixed. And since he has yet to play a game, it will remain that way until Shaq is able to show exactly how he will fit into the Suns.

And now the Mavs appear ready to pull Jason Kidd back into the West, and back to Dallas. Dallas is giving up Devin Harris, who in my opinion is underrated and will be missed. Then again, Kidd is a triple-double machine, so that should help.

What does this all mean? Well the West is loaded. I mean, LOADED. No one can figure out who the favorite is, with all teams above being mentioned, as well as New Orleans, San Antonio and some crackpots spouting off about the Jazz. Personally i think it comes down to Phoenix, LA, San Antonio, and to a somewhat lesser extent Dallas. Going out on a limb huh?

Dallas, even with Kidd, doesn't scare me as much because of their mental state after the last two years and they're losing their best inside presence, Diop, in the Kidd deal. LA could be interesting, and if Bynum comes back they actually scare me. As for San Antonio, well, they're the Spurs (Sterns), and they'll be there in the end. I think the Suns have a good a chance as anyway, and maybe (maybe) the best if Shaq actually assimilates well and stays healthy. No matter what happens, the West is still even more loaded than it's been the last couple of years.

Then again, Boston may still be the best team in the NBA...

Best Wishes To Kenechi Udeze

While details are still a bit sketchy, Vikings Defense End Kenechi Udeze has reportedly been diagnosed with some form of leukemia, according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

It is certainly an unexpected and scary situation, especially for someone who is only 24 years old. We wish him the best and hope for a full recovery.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Purple Jesus

Two TD's and 129 yards rushing, the 2nd highest total in Pro Bowl history. Yeah, i'd say that's worthy of the Pro Bowl MVP.

Congratulations Adrian Peterson, what a great way to finish out a fantastic rookie year.