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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Suns vs. Hawks: Domination

This was the very definition of a dominate performance. The Hawks were never in this game at any point. Amare finished 10-11 with 24 points in 26 minutes. And not only his offense, but his defense was good too, with 4 blocks and 10 boards.

This is the Suns team of the last couple of years. They took a team who, despite playing fairly well this year, was not up to their level and destroyed them. They crushed their will, from the opening tip to the final whistle.

With 9 of their next 10 at home, and being winners of 7 of their last 8, the Suns are looking to round into form. With a good home stand, the Suns could cement their spot at the top of the West standings, and also silence their critics.


Everyone's favorite NBA wife, Eva Longoria (hello picture...) has spilled the beans about some of the ploys her husband (Tony Parker) uses while on the court to *cough* draw fouls. She claims that he sometimes lies on the ground acting hurt (Ed. note: Link Fixed) in an attempt to get a flagrant foul called. Since Parker plays for the Spurs, this comes as no surprise really. It just confirms what everyone around the League already knew: That the Spurs were floppers. Damn cheaters...

In all seriousness, i suspect this happens on just about every team in the NBA, though not too many people talk about it or admit. So thank you Eva...