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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


One more issue i failed to mention yesterday regarding the NFL CBA and the on-going situation. One issue of the CBA, which i actually think will be easy to resolve by both the Owners and the NFLPA, is a rookie salary structure.

The pay structure for rookies has become ridiculous, culminating in this year's #3 pick Matt Ryan signing a 6-year, $72 Million dollar deal this week. This guy hasn't thrown a pass yet in the NFL, or even participated in Training Camp. Yet he's getting $72 Million, of which more than $34 Million of it is guaranteed!?

I don't know about you, but if i was a veteran with 7 or 8 years experience, and some rookie is coming in getting that kind of money... Well, i'd be pretty upset.

What the NFL needs is what the NBA has, a rookie salary structure. Whatever pick you're taken at determines how much money you make, and it's not outrageous money. It gives the young guys an incentive to spend a few years playing hard and improving, as they typically get their big payday on their second contract, usually after three years in the League.

However, like i said, i don't think this will be much of an issue to hammer out. The Owners will want it in order to protect against draft busts and paying tons of money, and the NFLPA will want it because the money not going to the rookies will be going to the older players in forms of higher Veteran Minimum salaries and the like.

Anyway, this CBA thing should be interesting, and i'll update as needed right here...

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