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Friday, January 4, 2008

NFL Picks


So as discussed before, i finished the regular season 45-37-6 after a trainwreck in week 17. I also predicted a record of 7-4 in the playoffs. Here we go:

Seattle -3.5 over Washington
I know Washington is playing great. I know Washington has the 'emotion' factor going because of the death of Sean Taylor. I also know they have Todd Collins at qb. And as good as he has been playing, he is a career back-up on the road. In the playoffs. In Seattle, where the Seahawks almost never lose.

Jacksonville -3 over Pittsburgh
I am going to regret this pick. Everyone loves the Jags. Everyone. See the red flag? When in doubt, go against the popular opinion. I am going to regret this pick...

Tampa Bay -3 over New York Giants
Eli struggles against good defenses that put pressure on the qb. Tampa Bay has a good defense that puts pressure on the qb. Eli is also on the road.

San Diego -10 over Tennessee
This line is pretty high, but i still like the Chargers. They are playing really well, and VY couldn't have played much worse this year. And he's on the road.

Iowa's Justin Johnson Goes Nuts

In the last 1:49 of Iowa's game against Indiana, Iowa' Justin Johnson goes off, hitting 6 treys, including a 40-foot bank shot.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NFL Picks Review: Final Regular Season Review

So, as predicted because of teams resting players, i had a HORRIFIC week picking the NFL in the final week of the regular season. IN fact, it was so bad (1-6), it was the worst week of the year for me. I knew i should have just stayed away from those game. Overall, in the regular season, i finished 45-37-6, for a winning percentage of .550. For you gamblers out there, you know that's the break-even point. So i broke even this year. Would have made some money if not for last week...

I will be picking every game of the playoffs coming up. With 11 games, in order to break-even i have to be correct on 6 picks. I think i can do one better than that, and go 7-4. Stay tuned to find out...

College Bowl Picks

Wow, what an ugly round of picks yet again. I am currently at 12-15 in the postseason. Not good. One more round of picks leading up to the National Championship game, which i will do a special column/pick for that game.

Oklahoma -8 over West Virginia
Did you know that bowl teams with a coaching situation in flux are currently 1-6? You remember me mentioning this in my first round of bowl picks? And the only team that won was Michigan, whose coach is retiring? Oh, and Oklahoma was in the Fiesta Bowl last year and lost to Boise St. Something tells me they don't make that mistake again...

Virginia Tech -4 over Kansas
Kansas played absolutely no one this year except for Missouri, and they lost that game by 8. The Hokies are battle tested, and should win fairly easily.

Rutgers -10 over Ball St.
When did crappy bowl games start getting on in the New Year? How is this a good thing?

Tulsa -4.5 over Bowling Green
Seriously, these two games are the lead-up to the National Championship game? How did this happen? Who approved this?

Monday, December 31, 2007

College Football Picks

Good lord, i suck at picking these against the spread. On a side note-, i'm something like 11-4 in a bowl picks pool, but only 6-9 ATS on here. Go figure...

Onto my next round of picks, which covers games for today and tomorrow. Quite the slate we have for the two days. I'm at work this morning, hoping to get out of here early so i can watch some games and get ready for the New Year's Eve Party tonight...

Air Force +4.5 over California
California fell off the face of the planet the last half of the year, and Air Force was playing well. I like to service academy school in the service academy bowl...

South Florida -6.5 over Oregon
Did you see how bad the Ducks played once Dennis Dixon went down?

Fresno St. +6 over Georgia Tech
I like Fresno and their coach, Pat Hill. I have seen neither team play this year however.

Kentucky -whatever over Florida St.
I think this line was 3, but i'm not sure. Florida St. is missing 35 players. 35! Kentucky will absolutely roll.

Indiana +6 over Oklahoma St.
Indiana should ride their season long emotion and determination from their ex head coach Terry Hoeppner, who passed away in June.

Auburn +3 over Clemson
I really struggled with this one, but in the end went with the team whose only losses in the last two months were to Georgia and LSU. Edge goes to Auburn.

Wisconsin +2 over Tennessee
I also struggled over this one. Wisconsin usually plays well in bowl games. That's about all i got.

Missouri -4 over Arkansas
There is a chance Missouri doesn't show up because they feel slighted they're not in a BCS game, but i think they do and i think they roll.

Florida -11 over Michigan
Which teams did Michigan have the most trouble with this year? Spread Offenses. What type of offense does Florida run? A Spread Offense. There you go.

Texas Tech -6 over Virginia
Virginia doesn't see offenses like this in the ACC.

USC -14 over Illinois
I'm sorry, i just can't see how Illinois is going to keep this remotely close.

Georgia -8 over Hawaii
Georgia is a huge step up from anyone Hawaii has played this year. I think the Bulldogs get it done.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

NFL Picks

So glad i rushed to get last night's pick of the Patriots up so they could promptly not cover against the Giants who inexplicably decided to try...

44-32-6 on the year, including last night's game. This week is basically impossible to pick, due to the fact that half the league is resting their players. But hey, what kind of a prognosticator would i be if i didn't at least try?

Jacksonville +6.5 over Houston
Even with Quinn Gray at qb and probably no Fred Taylor at rb, i like the Jags here. They might be the hottest team in the league.

New Orleans -1 over Chicago
A chance at a little revenge from last year's NFC Championship game, plus the Saints still have something to play for, even though it's a long shot to make the playoffs for them.

Seattle -1.5 over Atlanta
Seattle has nothing to play for, which scares me, but i just can't see them losing to the Falcons. Though i don't think i've picked a Seahawks game correctly in about three years, so they'll probably drop a deuce at midfield in this game...

Dallas +9 over Washington
I know T.O. isn't playing, nor is Terrence Newman. And even though Washington is still playing for something and Dallas isn't, 9 points is a lot, especially since it's a division game.

San Diego -9 over Oakland
One thing we've learned this year is that Oakland's run defense isn't very good. Also, the Chargers want to win this game to get the #3 seed and avoid the Patriots until the AFC Championship game.

St. Louis +6 over Arizona
Arizona has something to play for, namely an 8-8 record and a non-losing season, which is hard to come by in these parts. Which is exactly why i think they actually will drop a deuce at midfield in this game, plus the Rams have people back healthy.

Iowa Hawkeye Basketball

Again, i try not to be homerific on this blog, but this warrants mentioning. My Iowa Hawkeye men's basketball team played a game tonight against Southeastern Louisiana. Despite their recent struggles, the Hawkeyes won the game. But there is an interesting story within the game tonight.

Iowa went 13 minutes in the first half without scoring a point. 13 minutes! They went up 5-0 45 seconds into the game, and didn't score again until there was 6 and a half minutes left in the half. 13 minutes! They took 1/3 of the game off! And still won!

I'm not sure which is worse, that they took 1/3 of the game off, or that they still won...