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Friday, November 30, 2007


Ok kids:

I'm off for the next ten days. Vegas tonight, then Cancun on Sunday. Site will be dead until i return. Check out my links, and try to survive without me. See you later!

NFL Picks

I realize i usually do these picks Sunday morning, but i will be out of town this week, and all of next week, so they're coming today. 34-21-5 on the season. Let's get to it!

Indianapolis -7 over Jacksonville
Everyone is talking about the Jaguars ability to play the Colts tough. The Colts won by 22 at Jacksonville earlier in the year. Why would this be any different at home?

New York Jets +1 over Miami
How bad is it when an 0-11 team is favored over you? The Jets are in the dumps right now. Then again, I'd like to see Miami finish 0-16. I think that would be more enjoyable to me than New England going 16-0.

Carolina -3 over San Francisco
Which San Fran team will show up this week? The one that lost 6 in a row, or the one that dropped 38 on the Cardinals last week?

Chicago -2 over New York Giants
I have no idea after the ridiculous games both teams were in last week. I just don't trust Sexy Rexy, and can't imagine Hester would get any chances with the ball after last week. Then again, most NFL coaches are stupid, so who knows...

Cleveland -1 over Arizona
Let's see, in the last three weeks the Cardinals have lost their best defensive lineman (Berry), their best safety (Wilson), and their best corner (Green). And they're gonna stop one of the best offenses in the NFL? Factor in the debilitating loss last week to the Niners? Don't think so...

St. Louis -3.5 over Atlanta
This game could be terribly, terribly bad. Neither team has much working for them, but i'll go with Stephen Jackson having a good day.

New England -21 over Baltimore
Big line? Don't care. Still taking the Patriots.

College Football Picks

Alright alright alright! That time of the week again! Not nearly as many games on the slate this week, so i'm only picking a few games. 38-32-1 on the year, let's finish it out strong!

LSU -7 over Tennessee
I applaud The Volunteers effort in getting here, but I think LSU is mad and is going to roll.

Missouri +3 over Oklahoma
The Sooners beat the Tigers once already this season. It's hard to beat someone twice, and I like the way the Tigers played against Kansas last week. I'll pick Missouri.

Arizona St. -7 over Arizona
I don't know why i'm picking ASU here. Anytime i pick them, no matter what i pick them to do, they screw me over....

Virginia Tech -5 over Boston College
Same logic as Missouri and Oklahoma.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Read It

I really can't even do this post justice. It's about the lack of NFL on Saturdays in December, and it's from Deadspin, but it's the weekly column by Big Daddy Drew from KSK. And it's hilarious.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ESPN is smart...

I'm not here to bag on the Worldwide Leader (I'm generally a fan because i'm lazy and they make it easy), nor am i here to question the ability of other 'bloggers', as i make plenty of mistakes on this here blog (notice my refusal to capitalize the letter 'i'). But when i see something like this, i have to point it out (homerism alert):

This morning, at 8:00am Eastern Time, Matt Mosley of ESPN's Hashmark's football blog, posted his weekly power poll. One problem: He left the Vikings off the list. The Saint's come in at #17 and #21, an impressive feat really. As one commenter on the page pointed out, it gives them double the ability to move up.

Now, small oversights can happen, and it's hard to blame Mosley for this. But when you consider that a) This has to be edited before it's posted, and b) It's now 1:30 Eastern time, and despite nearly every single comment about the post pointing out this fact, it still hasn't been corrected, it doesn't exactly lend credibility to the Hashmarks blog...

(UPDATE: The power poll has been fixed. According to timestamps on the posts, it only took Mosley and ESPN 7 hours, 49 minutes. Ridiculous...)

Monday, November 26, 2007

NFL Picks Review

Not a bad week, going 5-2, which puts me at 34-21-5 on the season. New England was in a dogfight, but did anyone really think they were going to lose? I'm not sure anyone can beat them...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

NFL Picks

Alright, 3-0 on thanksgiving day, that's a good start to the week. Here's the rest of my picks:

Cleveland -3.5 over Houston
I like the Browns ability to put up points at home, though with the return of Andre Johnson the Texans can also light up the scoreboard...

San Diego -9 over Baltimore
This line scares me a little this high, and you never know what you're going to get with the Chargers. That said, i think the Chargers and LDT get it going today.

Arizona -11 over San Francisco
I mean come on, when was the last time the Cardinals were double digit favorites?! Seriously! What's even more amazing is that i'm picking them! They actually play great at home...

New England -25 over Philadelphia
Now, you want to talk about ridiculous lines. This is the highest point spread in NFL history. And consider this: The Patriots still have games left against the Jets and the winless Dolphins. The lines will get higher! Yet, i'm sticking with the Patriots. They've failed to cover exactly one spread this season, so they're still easy money.

College Football Picks Review

Now see, that's what i'm talking about. I went 5-1-1 this week. Needed one more point from BC and Kentucky not to have a field goal blocked in OT, or i would have been perfect. Oh, and even though i said i wasn't going to count it, i also called the Notre Dame game correctly. Season record: 38-32-1. Inching towards respectability...