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Saturday, November 3, 2007

21-15-3 on the year. No time to dilly dally as i'm in iowa, so let's get on with the picks!

Green Bay +2 over Kansas City
Did you know KC is the only NFL team Brett Favre has not beaten (other than the Packers of course)? He ends that drought.

Detroit -3 over Denver
Have you seen Denver play lately? No, really, have you SEEN them?

Cleveland -2 over Seattle
This game is in Cleveland, and i'm sticking to my guns that the Seahawks stink. By the way, (Homer alert), Derek Anderson is going to look real good in a Vikings jersey next year...

Dallas -3.5 over Philadelphia
The Eagles have problems, not the least of which is there head coach's sons. Dallas wins big.

Washington -4 over New York Jets
Washington will want to prove something after last week's beating by the Patriots, and the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets are starting backup qb Kelly Clemens.

New Orleans -3.5 over Tampa Bay
The Saints have found their stride, and look to be especially good at home. The Jags aren't built to put up points, no matter who their qb is.

New England -6.5 over Indianapolis
This line started at 3.5. I got it in Vegas (where it's legal) at 4.5. It's now at 6.5. It could be at 10 i'd still take the Patriots. They are that good. Then again, gambling rule #1: Anytime there is a heavy public favorite, go the opposite way. Of course, this New England team throws out all conventional wisdom when it comes to gambling, so i will too...

College Football Picks Review

3-4 on the day, 26-24 on the year. Special thanks to Michigan for winning but not covering (by half a point). Thank you very much...

Friday, November 2, 2007

College Football Picks

23-20 on the season. Good week last week. I didn't write about the Sun Devils as promised, but i had to go out of town. Get over it. On with the picks!

South Florida -5.5 over Cincinnati
USF is on a two game skid, but i think at home they get it done against the Bearcats.

UCLA -1 over Arizona
Arizona had a nice win last week, but UCLA isn't bad enough to lose to the Wildcats, even on the road, are they? (Are they?).

Michigan -4.5 over Michigan St.
It's in East Lansing (which by the way is a hole of a city...), but Michigan is rolling along lately, and the Spartans, while they can put up points, won't hang with the big boys.

Oregon -8 over Arizona St.
Even though i hate to admit it, ASU has been good. And don't you think that given the circumstances (8-0 #4 ranked ASU against 7-1 #5 ranked Oregon) that the line is a little high? Even if it is in Autzen Stadium? Regardless, i think the Ducks win. They just score too easily.

Arkansas -5.5 over S. Carolina
For a Steve Spurrier coached team, the Gamecocks have shown a patent inability to score points. In Arkansas i think this hurts them.

USC -15 over Oregon St.
I think USC comes out this week and tries to prove a point that they're still a team to be reckoned with.

Boston College -7 over Florida St.
I still think BC will lose a game before the end of the year, but this week at home against a struggling Seminoles team is not the week.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Can't Even Make This Stuff Up

From The New York Times, via Deadspin:

Steroid testers in baseball, those of the supposed 'random' drug tests, have gotten into the habit of calling the team they are coming to test the day before they arrive to request parking passes and stadium access. Some officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity of course, said they his club usually knows two days in advance when s tester is coming.

(Sigh). What more can be said about the steroid controversy in MLB? This is just another sad tale about how the system is obviously and blatantly failing...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The NL West

Well, if nothing else, no one will be calling the NL West the NL Worst again anytime soon. The DBacks and Rockies play in the NLCS. The Padres have one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball. And now the Dodgers... well, the Dodgers are making some noise.

Grady Little has resigned as manager of the Dodgers. His replacement? None other than ex-Yankees skipper Joe Torre, if you believe Tim Kurkjian of the Worldwide Leader. Kurkjian reported today that an announcement of Torre as Dodgers manager is imminent, and could come as soon as the next couple of days.

Oh, and just in case that isn't enough, there is another hot rumor about the Dodgers. LA is rumored to be one of only a few teams in the running to sign one Mr. Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod likes Torre, and the Dodgers are one of the teams that could afford to sign him. One of the weirder reasons i've heard for this signing is that Scott Boras, uber-agent, is based in Newport. A-Rod did not have a father figure growing up, and it's been speculated that Boras has become that for A-Rod.

It is strange, and a bit of a stretch, but is plausible if you think about it. A-Rod has made some strange career choices (Texas, and now opting out of the rest of his contract), and it could be due to Boras speaking in his ear. Boras is (naturally) looking out for himself, trying to make as much money as possible for his clients so he himself gets paid. This ploy of opting out of his contract, especially considering the timing of the announcement (during the 8th inning of Game 4 of the World Series), is a curious one, but figures to make A-Rod max money (somewhere in the 10 year, $30 million range supposedly). Understandably, Boras may want to be close to his best and highest paid client. Similarly, A-Rod may want to be close to someone he considers a confidant and somewhat of a father-figure.

Personally, i think the Torre rumor has legs. It was no secret they were after Joe Girardi, but he was signed as the new Yankees manager. So they went after the next best option, who is obviously Torre. As for the A-Rod thing... hard to say. The only teams i think could even afford to sign him are the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Cubs, possibly the White Sox, Dodgers, Angels, and maybe the Giants. The Yankees and Red Sox have both said they will not go after him, and i believe that. The Cubs are out because of their messy ownership situation (don't get me started on that either. MLB would be crazy not to allow Mark Cuban to buy this team, but they are too short-sighted and stupid to allow this to ever happen). White Sox won't do it because they can't really afford him, even though they think they can. A-Rod doesn't want to go to the Mets because he doesn't like the NY media.

That leaves the California teams, the Angels, Giants, and Dodgers. I just don't think the Angels will do it, it seems to go against their idea of building a 'team', as A-Rod is notorious for polarizing not just fan bases, but players as well. The Giants are a possibility, as no team in baseball understands the effect a superstar chasing a record can have on a fanbase. Make no mistake, A-Rod will be chasing records in the next 5-7 years, and will most likely break a lot of them.

And then there's the Dodgers. This team has the fanbase, tradition, now the manager, and the money to open the bank. The Dodgers have not spent mega-money on a player in many years, and with new manager Joe Torre, the Dodgers could be looking to make a splash.

If you are the Dodgers, you just sat through a season in which you were picked to finish first in the division, but in which the Padres showed off their amazing starting rotation and lost a one game playoff to win the Wildcard, the Rockie's showed off their great young talent and finished 14 of 15 in the regular season to win the Wildcard, and the Dbacks won 90 games and the division.

It will probably be a while before A-Rod makes a decision, but don't be surprised if A-Rod re-unites with Joe Torre and signs with LA. And when it happens, the NL West may be the most talked about division in baseball next year...

The Hockey

The Coyotes season is underway, and i have managed to not say a word about them up to this point. I do actually feel kinda bad about it. I admittedly do not follow the NHL as much as other sports. My friend over at One Fan's Perspective is a passionate fan, and can do a much better job writing about the Coyotes than i can, but here's a small piece on them.

Two weeks ago the Phoenix Coyotes once again took to the ice for the start of the 2007-2008 season. Starting off with a bang, the Coyotes won their first game, but promptly dropped their next two. Currently, the 'Yotes sit at 3-6, staring another long season in the face. However, unlike the last couple of years, there is reason to be optimistic about this franchise in the near future.

The Coyotes are stocked with young talent, including nine players 24 years old or younger. Their youngest, Peter Mueller, is just 19 and scored his first goal last week. They also have a decent core of veteran's including Shane Doan, who is off to his typical slow start goal-scoring wise, Steven Reinprecht and Ed Jovanovski. Doan does actually lead the team in points, but needs to start finding the net more with just one goal so far this season (his 200th career goal).

The goalkeeping has been decent, although not spectacular. With a GAA of 2.83 and 3.35, both Alex Auld and Mikael Tellqvist need to keep a few more shots out of the net to give this team a chance to compete every night.

The good news for the Coyotes is that Josh Gratton has been recalled from San Antonio after his conditioning assignment. Phoenix played well with Gratton in the line-up last year, and missed him when he wasn't there. Also, their first round draft pick, Kyle Turris (who i wrote about here), is absolutely destroying for the U. of Wisconsin. He has 5 goals and 7 assists in just 4 games so far, a ridiculous pace. This is why he was considered by many to be the top center in the draft.

So while the Coyotes are struggling a bit now, there is a bright future in store for them. This team is a hard-working, good-skating team, and eventually their fortunes will start to turn. Until then, they just need to hang on.


A couple of other things regarding hockey and the Phoenix Coyotes. I have no idea why anyone from a professional sports franchise would take the time to look at a hack site such as this one, but i got a nice email from one H. Khan with the Coyotes saying he enjoyed the site. As such, i thought i would pass along a couple of things their website has going on:

CoyotesTrax, where different player's iTunes playlists are listed, and CoyotesHockeyHQ, where you can play games and create your own 'Hockey Face'.


I understand that Purple Jesus is like, good or something, and that people might be deluded into thinking that if he's that good, some of his goodness might rub off on people around him (or something?), but this is ridiculous:

Jeff George wants to come play for the Vikings. Yeah, you read that correctly. 39 year old, hasn't throw a pass in the NFL in 6 years, played well for the Vikings 8 years ago, Jeff George. Thinks he can come in and 'help' the Vikings.

I know the Vikings are desperate. And i understand and realize that they may need to pick up another qb, and soon, but not Jeff George. Come on...

Monday, October 29, 2007

NFL Picks Review

Hey Denver: Thanks for nothing. You give up an 82-yard TD on the first play of OT? I could have gone undefeated this week! You ruined it!

As it is, i went 6-1, just the type of week i needed. Puts me at 21-15-3 on the year. Now that's what i'm talking about...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

NFL Picks

15-14-3 on the year. Need a good week this week. And we're off!

Indianapolis -7 over Carolina
Everyone in America is spouting off about how teams coming off Monday night wins never cover the next week. All i can think about is Peyton Manning vs. Vinny Testaverde. Colts struggle a little early, but pull away and win easily.

New Orleans -3 over San Francisco
The Saints are finally showing signs of that high powered offense from last year. The 49ers are just, well, bad.

Buffalo +3 over New York Jets
The J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets are lost. Mangini has let this team go, and it's not pretty right now.

San Diego -9.5 over Houston
The Chargers are actually playing at home, and somewhat like the Saints from all last year, i think they rally behind the fires in SoCal and win big.

Denver -3 over Green Bay
The Packers have no running game, and by no running game i mean they don't even try. The Bronco's have two awesome corners, so should be able to keep the Packers passing game in check somewhat. Plus Denver is at home, and after last week i think they are back to using their home field advantage.

Detroit +6 over Chicago
The Bears defense just isn't the same anymore...

New England -17 over Washington
A lot of people are taking Washington and the points, for no other reason than 'the Patriots can't go 16-0 against the spread this year'. Yes, yes they can. They covered in Dallas, and the Cowboys are a lot better than this Washington team.

I'm not picking them because Tarvaris Jackson is prominently involved, but watch for Ned Flanders (Brad Childress) to give the ball to Purple Jesus 25 times and for him to have a great game. I think it's coming...

College Football Picks Review

4-2 Yesterday. 23-20 on the season. Even with all the hard picks, it was a good day for me. Guess i have to write about the Sun Devils this week...