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Friday, October 12, 2007

College Football Picks

Alright kids, i stand at 9-10 on the season. Not exactly a glowing recommendation of my sports genius-ness. This is the week though, i'm feeling it...

Wisconsin +7 over Penn St.
Stupid line. Then again, i thought most of last week's lines were stupid too...

Northwestern -7 over Minnesota
Minnesota is terrible, Northwestern is at home. I haven't seen either team play the entire year. This could be a reach pick...

Miami -3 over Georgia Tech
Miami rolls at home, and sucks on the road. This game's at home.

Virginia Tech -14 over Duke
This line should be higher...

Texas -17 over Iowa State
Iowa St. is terrible this year. I mean bad. I'm not sure I trust this Texas team on the road, but against Iowa State they should score 17 just by accident...

Alabama -6.5 over Mississippi
Ole Miss won't hang with Saban and his Tide.

Oregon -19 over Washington State
Revenge game at home for Oregon, who lost to the Cougars last year.

LSU -10 over Kentucky
The letdown potential is there for LSU, but i think their defense will carry them early in the game. LSU should take over late and win going away.

Michigan St. -3.5 over Indiana
Michigan St. actually looks to have a decent year and not collapse down the stretch for once. Indiana is 5-1. They're not a 6-1 team. They're just not.

Upset Special: Iowa +4 over Illinois
This game has letdown/trap potential written all over it for Illinois. Coming off a big win against Wisconsin last week, travelling to an Iowa team that is having a bad year. But Iowa owns Illinois. I like Iowa's chances this week...

Holy cow, i picked 10 games. Go big or go home i guess...


That's about as damning a photo as I've seen. He doesn't exactly look like he's just sliding hard into second base. It looks like he's trying to take him out. Either way, that was an absolute embarrassment what the fans did in reaction. We take heat all week for not selling the game out, finally sell it out, and then get a bunch of jackasses throwing bottles onto the field. You know what Phoenix? Remember when i said you need to get out and support your team? Scratch that. If you're gonna act like a bunch of drunken retards stay home. Just stay home. I was there, and yeah, i was booing, but i wasn't about to throw anything on the field. What a joke...

Back later today with more thoughts on the actual game...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Game 1 NLCS

Alright kids, i'm off to the Dbacks-Rockies game. I have my camera with me this time, and will get and post some pictures tonight. Thanks to the Dbacks fans for stepping up, there are only a few hundred standing room only tickets left for tonight's game, which i'm sure will be eaten up before game time. Go Dbacks!

ps- Sorry about all the swearing last night, i was just really irked at Kruk. That guy is a hack...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One more

Oh, and by the way, Peter Gammons, who is without a doubt the most respected beat writer in Major League Baseball, picked the Dbacks to win in 7.

For the record, i don't think it will take that long, but i still like the pick.

In fact, might as well make this my LCS predictions column. Dbacks in 6, and Red Sox in 5. There it is.

That's It

You got me started. I can't FUCKING STAND listening to John Kruk. He is a fucking moron. Tonight on Baseball Tonight, as he (predictably) picked the Rockies to beat the Dbacks, this is the verbal diarrhea that came out of his month while talking about why the Dbacks would struggle: 'Chris Young strikes out too much.' Hey Kruky, CY may strikeout at times, but HE HIT THE TWO BIGGEST HOME RUNS OF THE NLCS AGAINST THE CUBS. Go fuck yourself.

One of the very few baseball reporters left on ESPN that i still respect, Tim Kurkjian, picked the Dbacks. For what's it worth...

Fuck It

That's right, I said fuck it. The Dbacks are winning Game 1. It's not a prediction, it's a guaran-fucking-tee. The assholes on Baseball Tonight (don't even get me started on John Kruk. He can go fuck himself) are sucking the Rockie's cock. You know what? THEY'RE LOSING GAME 1. Hate to break it to you. Maybe you forgot that Brandon Webb won the Cy Young last year...

Seriously, what the fuck are these assholes problems? Have they not watched the Dbacks at all? They are paid to watch games and pay attention, so PAY FUCKING ATTENTION. The Dbacks are winning Game 1. And the series. You heard it here first. Just keep doubting us assholes, see where it gets you.



Poll on ESPN tonight: Who will win the World Series?

After 90,000+ voted, the Dbacks chance stood at a whopping 5.9%.

Oh, and for the record, after 8 of 10 ESPN 'experts' picked the Cubs to beat the Dbacks in the NLDS, now 9 of 10 ESPN 'experts' are picking the Rockies to beat the Dbacks in the NLCS.

Fantastic. Oh, and also by the way, the Rockies have won 18 of 19. Their only loss? The Dbacks, against Brandon Webb. So, umm, wait, who are the Rockies playing against Thursday, and who's on the mound for that team? Oh, that would be the Dbacks, and Brandon Webb is pitching for them. Weird...

Dbacks need your help

Phoenix: The Dbacks need your help. Tomorrow is game 1 of the NLCS, with Game 2 on Friday. There are still approximately 5,000 tickets left for EACH GAME. The rest of the country is already down on the Phoenix fans, i don't want to give them another weapon in their arsenal. Please, please, please show your support and get out to the game! Tickets are as low as $25! It is a chance to see a League Championship Series baseball game. That opportunity does not come along often. So get out there, support your team, and buy a couple tickets to the game. You'll enjoy it, I promise.

But tickets here.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

NFL Picks

Alright, let's forget my horrid record picking College Football, and get on with the NFL! I am 8-3-1 on the year, and looking good! Let's do it!

Pittsburgh -6.5 over Seattle
Pittsburgh is coming off a loss and returning home. Seattle i still am not convinced is any good. Steelers should win this without too much of a fight.

Baltimore Ravens -3.5 over San Francisco
The 49ers are without starting quarterback Alex Smith, and the backup is Trent Dilfer. And though it's not as good as it has been in the past, the Ravens defense is still pretty good and feasts on slow quarterbacks forced into action.

Green Bay -3.5 over Chicago
Green Bay at home, Chicago still starting Brian Griese. There you go.

Dallas -11 over Buffalo
The Cowboys haven't scored less than 34 points in any game this season. Do you really think Buffalo can put up 23 points with their quarterback being someone NO ONE has ever heard of (Trent Edwards)?

Arizona -4 over St. Louis
The Rams are still without starting quarterback Marc Bulger and starting running back Stephen Jackson. The Cardinals might actually have something going out here in the desert also...

New England -17 over Cleveland
This line could be 34 and i would still take it. As KSK put it best here, you'd be smart to bet the house on the Patriot's every week. After cameragate (I hate that name for it), the Patriots have been sending the entire league a 4-week, gigantic middle finger and not caring who sees it. They will continue the roll this week.


I promised i would be back today with a more complete write-up on the Diamondbacks NLDS sweep of the Chicago Cubs last night, and here I am. It's really a struggle though, to figure out how and what to write about this team, as it is a struggle to explain how this team keeps winning games. The Diamondbacks defy all traditional measures of statistically judging how a team is performing, but all they do is win. After the series sweep of the Cubs, the Dbacks showed the entire country exactly why you throw out the numbers when it comes to the Dbacks.

Chris Young got the game started on the very first pitch, serving a Rich Hill fastball to the rabid Wrigley Field Bleacher crowd in left field, immediately taking the Cubs fans out of the game and setting the tone for the game. In a must win situation for the Cubs, for Young to homer on the first pitch was incredibly deflating. The timing of it was perfect if you're a Dbacks fan, and terrible if you're a Cubs fan. And really, in that one pitch and one moment, was a microcosm of the entire series. The Cubs showed an amazing ineptitude to come up big when they needed to, while the Dbacks absolutely thrived in those situations.

Livan Hernandez was in trouble all night long, not getting a 1-2-3 inning until the 6th, his last. However, he was always able to work himself out of it. Three times in the first five innings Hernandez induced inning ending double plays, including one in a bases loaded situation. Each time, the Cubs fans at Wrigley Field were ready to explode at any hint of success at the plate; each time the Dbacks make the key pitch or defensive play. Their sense of timing was epic, their fearlessness of the situation grandiose. For all the talk about how young these Dbacks were, maybe their really were too young to know any better. Ignorance is bliss.

Or maybe, just maybe, Josh Byrnes and the rest of the Arizona front office knew exactly what they were doing when they put this team together, with these guys, in this situation. There was Stephen Drew, who struggled all year long at the plate, getting 7 hits, with one triple, one double, and two home runs. There was Chris Young, the first rookie in MLB history to have 30 home runs and 25+ stolen bases, continuing his season into the playoffs with two home runs, both at critical times. There were Mark Reynolds and Drew, absolutely locking down the left side of the infield on defense throughout the series. And then there was Justin Upton, the just-turned-20 phenom who started the year in Single A ball. In just two games, he had three hits, an RBI, a stolen base, scored 2 runs, and drew three walks. For a rookie in his first postseason experience, Upton showed maturity beyond his years.

And i still have not gotten to the pitching staff. I'm not sure what else i can say at this point. They were lights out, starting with Webb in Game 1 showing why he won the Cy Young last year. The Cubs scored just 6 runs in the entire series, including both Game 1 and the decisive Game 3 in which they put up just one run in each. The Dbacks bullpen had an ERA of .108. Chicago posted a team Batting Average of .194 for the series, including .87 with runners in scoring position. They struck out 35 times, more than 11 a game. They stranded 9 runners in each of the three games. They had just one home run, from a team who was known as a power team. The Cubs top four hitters went 9-36, with 14 K's and just one RBI between them.

I could go on and on, but again, with the Dbacks the numbers don't mean anything. They just win. They just win. And as Eric Byrnes put it after the series clinching win, "We won this series. The Cubs didn't lose it."

I couldn't agree more.

College Football Picks Review

Man do i suck at picking College Football games. I went 2-4 this week, putting me at 9-10 on the season. I really should stick to picking the NFL...