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Saturday, September 29, 2007

1 Game To Go

Oh, did i neglect to mention that the Dbacks clinched the NL West tonight? Oh, and homefield throughout the playoffs? Must have slipped my mind...


Fuck Brett Favre

Yeah, that's right, i said it. Fuck him. Brett Favre can suck a dick. He has tormented the Vikings for way too long, and needs to retire already. He can sell all the Wrangler jeans he wants to, just GET OUT OF THE NFL.

And yes, i may be bitter. But really, here's what i want you to know: I'm sure everyone has already heard that with one more TD pass, Favre will move into first place all time for TD passes thrown. But what NO ONE is talking about, is that with two more interceptions, Favre will also move into first place for most INT's thrown. But, of course, because he's Brett Favre and everyone sucks his dick, no one mentions this. But i mention this, and you know what? Favre will get both records this week against the Vikings. He will have his touchdown, but he will also have his two INT's. And i will scream at my tv, even as the Vikings are losing, FUCK YOU BRETT FAVRE. That is all.

Friday, September 28, 2007

2 Games To Go

What a fantastic win for the Dbacks today. Going against the ace of the Rockies staff, Jeff Francis, against a team that had won 11 in a row, in Colorado with a raucous crowd, against a Rockies team still fighting for the playoffs, the Dbacks pounded out an impressive 4-2 win.
Behind a fantastic outing by Brandon Webb, who went 7 innings and allowed only two runs, the Dbacks clinched a postseason berth.

With the Mets losing (again. I told you), the Dbacks are assured of getting at least the Wildcard. Then again, if the Dbacks can win one more game, they will win the division. Oh, and also have the best record in the NL and homefield throughout. Not that that matters or anything. Ha ha...

Special congrats go to the Cubs, who clinched the Central division and a playoff berth tonight. The only negative to this, for the Dbacks at least, is that Milwaukee is now out of the race. And seeing as how they are playing the Padres, i really hope they will not pack it in the last two games. The Dbacks could really use one more Padres lost. I'm just saying...

Magic number for the Dbacks (as far as i'm concerned): Now down to 1. It's a beautiful thing...

College Football Picks

After a somewhat mediocre week last week picking College Football (4-3), i am back again this week to try and redeem myself. So without further adu, these are the games i would wager on. Umm, you know, if that was legal...

West Virginia -7.5 over South Florida (Friday night)
I understand South Florida is having a good year, but they're still no match for the high-powered West Virginia attack. They just can't put up enough points to hang. (Update: I take no responsibility for the fact that Pat White went out in the 2nd quarter. All bets were off at that point...)

Penn St -3.5 over Illinois
This line seems a little ridiculous to me. Illinois sucks, despite their 3-1 record. Penn St. should win by at least 10 (though they burned me last week).

Alabama +3 over Florida State
I'm still not sure why the Seminoles are favored in this game, but i like it. 'Bama is a better team than Florida State.

UCLA +2 over Oregon State
I also can't figure out this line, but i like it. Look for UCLA to roll the Beavers. And yes, i just wanted to type that...

Georgia -15 over Mississippi
Mississippi also screwed me last week by playing tough against Florida, but i don't think it will happen twice in two weeks. With Georgia at home, look for them to win big.

And that's it! Last week i picked 7 games, but this week these are the only games that caught my eye. I'll be back tomorrow or Sunday with my NFL picks. Happy gambling (if it was legal)and enjoy your weekend!

Bonus additional pick, picked Saturday morning. Somehow i overlooked this line:
Notre Dame +21 over Purdue.
I don't think the Irish will win this game (In fact i hope they don't...), but i think it will be somewhat close.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

3 Games To Go

How about Micah Owings (again)? After being a last minute, emergency start fill-in for Brandon Webb, Owings went 6 1/3 innings, allowed no runs, four hits, four K's and no walks. A pretty impressive outing for Owings, and that's before you factor in his 4-4 outing at the plate, with 3 doubles and 3 RBI's. All things considered, this could not have come at a better time for the Dbacks.

Webb was scratched not due to health issues, but because of the forecast. There was an 80% chance of rain, and manager Bob Melvin did not want to risk Webb getting into a rain delay situation and possibly nullifying his outing. So he turned to Owings, just an hour before gametime. In a must-win situation, Owings came up big. Webb is now scheduled to pitch on Friday, in the opening game of the season ending three game set at Colorado. Considering Colorado has been ON FIRE lately, winning 11 in a row, Webb is perfect to throw out there and try to get them under control.

The Dbacks lead in the NL West remains 1 game, with just three to go. The Padres end the season at Milwaukee, who despite being in a pennant race are self-imploding at a rate almost equal to the Mets. (Explanation: Milwaukee's manager Ned Yost has gotten ejected three times this week, they've lost 4 of 6, and The Brew Crew's star young player, Ryan Braun, committed three errors in tonight's game, giving him a total of 26 in 109 games this year. And yes, that would be tied for the MLB lead with Jason Bartlett of the Twins. Oh, and Bartlett has played in 27 more games than Braun. But this is your (probable) NL Rookie of the year folks! Fucking ridiculous. Chris Young, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? No worries, he's only 4 stolen bases from being the first 30 home run, 30 stolen base rookie since, oh, ever. Nothing to talk about here... Fuck. That's it, you got me started).

I only ended the parentheses because that parenthetical tangent was getting long. But rest assured, i'm still on it. What about those Amazin' Mets? In the middle of their own pennant race, they've somehow managed to lose their last 4 games, and 11 of 16. They have turned into a disaster. Even with Pedro Martinez looking good, tossing a 7 inning three run outing, they got shutout by Joel Pineiro, a Red Sox castoff with a slightly better than .500 record and a 4.33 ERA. Way to finish a season. They don't even look like a team that wants to win anymore. Even their leader, Paul Lo Duca, has come out and said they are a team that's playing like they're 'waiting to lose'. Are you kidding me? This is supposed to be the best team in the NL?

No! The answer to the best team in the NL? Yeah, that's right, the Arizona Diamondbacks. You scoff? More wins than any teams in the NL by one game. The team behind them, the San Diego Padres? Arizona owned them this season, going 10-8 against them. The Mets are two games behind the Dbacks. For a team that gets very little credit, the Dbacks seem to be doing ok for themselves.

Ok, i think i'm done on that rant. Sometimes i get a bit frustrated, apparently... Anyway, the Dbacks have three games left, with a feisty Colorado team that is on a roll. If they win 1, i think they're in. If they win 2, they're definitely in. Which is why, after today's game, the Dbacks magic number (as far as i'm concerned) is down to 2. Let the final weekend of the regular season commence!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

4 Games To Go

Wow, what a pathetic outing by the Dbacks. My brother (who no longer posts here, not because i told him he couldn't, but because he's apparently lazy) can't stand Livan Hernandez and doesn't trust him, more so than myself. I still like Livo, he can be very good, though you know he's gonna give up 3 runs and 8 hits in 6 or 7 innings. That's just Livo. Tonight though he gave up 5 runs through 4 innings, not a good outing for him. And what a terrible time for it as well...

The Dbacks, pending tonight's Padres game, are at worst still one game up. With Webb going tomorrow, they should be at worst still 1 game up going into the final series of the regular season at Colorado, the hottest team in baseball. The Dbacks can ill afford to lose either of the next two games, in my opinion. While i still think the Dbacks are gonna make the playoffs... they're certainly cutting it close.

Oh, and for the record, i'm getting REALLY sick of the Padres always coming back to win games. And a corollary of that is, i'm REALLY, REALLY sick of the Giants blowing all these games. Jesus, i realize you suck, and that you have nothing to play for, but for Christ's sake at least pretend you care about the last few games of the season...

Magic number for the Dbacks (as far as i'm concerned): 3 games. With 4 to go, that's not a good number...

Shawn Marion: "I Want Out"

As first reported by AZ Central here, The Phoenix Suns' Shawn Marion has asked to be traded. Following a tradition started this spring by Kobe Bryant, then followed by Jermaine O'Neal and most recently Andrei Kirilenko, Marion joins a growing list of NBA superstars who are unhappy in their current situation and are looking for a trade.

Citing the constant trade rumors that have been circulating around him all year, Marion said it was time to move on. Marion's name has come up in all kinds of trade rumors, including a deal involving Kevin Garnett that was supposedly nixed by Marion because he didn't want to play in Boston. Most recently, last week when Kirilenko said he didn't want to play for the Jazz anymore, Marion was the first player of any team mentioned as a possible trade.

In his phone interview with the AZ Republic, Marion claimed he was most interested in being traded to the Lakers to join his good friend Kobe Bryant. According to Marion, Bryant would welcome the move, which might make him happy with the front office in LA and more comfortable playing there this year and into the future. However, you have to think the Suns would be hard-pressed to trade Marion to the Lakers, a team in their own division.

Another factor in this whole fiasco is Marion's current salary. He is currently the Suns' highest paid player with two years left on his deal, at around $16.4 million this year and $17.8 million next year. He has reportedly been seeking a three year, $60 million extension, which the Suns' seem unwilling to give him. The Sun's new owner, Robert Sarver, appears very unwilling to go over the Salary Cap, which is exactly what Marion's deal likely would do.

So what now? Marion's stated desire to be trade to the Lakers would involve the Suns getting back Lamar Odom, and possibly one other player. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Odom. He has absolutely torched the Suns in some of their games, but is coming off shoulder surgery and remains inconsistent at best. Then again, Steve Nash has a habit of getting the most out of players since he has arrived in Phoenix, and Odom has the size, skill, and versatility to be a very good player, especially at the 4 where the Suns would need him.

The other option currently thrown out there is for AK47, Kirilenko. Kirilenko is an intriguing prospect. He plays best at the 4, can run and block shots, plays great defense, and is good at scoring close to the basket. He could be a nice compliment to Amare' down in the trenches. He was an All-Star a few years ago, but has been unhappy with the Jazz and head coach Jerry Sloan for the last two years. Kirilenko could be a great fit here in Phoenix, but again it would mean trading Marion within the Suns' own division. I'm also not sure Marion would accept being traded to the Jazz, though they are an up and coming team.

One trade possibility I haven't heard yet? How about Jermaine O'Neal? Am I missing something here? O'Neal wants out of Indiana, and a front line of him and Amare' would be formidable, at the least. I don't know, again, how much Marion would like to be traded to Indiana, but I think it's a trade possibility to at least explore if you are the Suns. You have a perennial All-Star looking to get out, you should try to get a perennial All-Star in return. The last thing I want to see happen is the Suns get $.25 Cents on the Dollar for Marion, much like they did in trading away Kurt Thomas (albeit that was a salary dump more than anything).

To Marion's credit, he went out of the way to say he loved the fans and his teammates here, and also said if he was not traded he would show up for the team's training camp. Marion has done nothing wrong here in Phoenix, other than being the highest paid player on a team filled with highly-paid players. There is no denying he has been in trade rumors all year long, and after a while that would take it's toll on anyone.

Last thing: Personally, I want Marion back for another year. He brings an intangible aspect to a great team, something that can't be duplicated or replicated. He scores his points without having plays drawn up for him, which is very hard to do. He runs the floor well and has the quickest hops of any player I've ever seen, leading to many rebounds and tip-ins. Marion is a great player, and an integral part of a championship-caliber Suns team. He would be a hard player to replace.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 Games To Go

Well, at least when the Dbacks lose, they lose on days that everyone else loses too (Ed. note: Except for the Padres. See below). 2 games up, 5 to go. Magic number is still at 3 for the Dbacks (as far as i'm concerned).

Special thanks to the completely worthless Giants, who blew a 2 run lead in the ninth to the Padres, letting them within 2 games of the Dbacks. The suckitude that is the Giants gave up 4 RUNS in the ninth, including a three run home run to take the lead with 2 outs. Fucking worthless...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Going, going....

Gone. Sorry Padres, but as i announced last night, you are DUNZO. You have lost 4 in a row, are now three games behind the Dbacks for the NL West, have fallen into a tie with the Phillies for the wildcard, and yesterday your best player took out your center fielder for the rest of the regular season (at least) before tearing his own ACL getting tackled by his own manager (read about it here). This is not the story of a team rallying in the last week of the season for a playoff spot. This is a story of a team self-destructing in impressive fashion.

Thank you for playing, and better luck next year...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thank You For Playing Padres

If i was on a Major League Baseball team, and i woke up one morning and said to myself, 'what's the worst thing i could do to my team today?', it would go something like this: Strike out looking in the 5th, injure my teammate on an inside the park home run for the other team in the 7th, get ejected standing on first base in the 8th for jawing at the 1st base ump, then get injured being restrained by your own manager during the ensuing confrontation. Yeah, that would be about the worst thing i could do for my own team (see it here).

Welcome to the life of Milton Bradley, San Diego Left Fielder. In the middle of San Diego getting swept during their pennant race, Bradley decides to LOSE it, going postal on the first base ump. And in the process, possibly tanking his teams chances at the playoffs. Entertaining? Check. Ridiculous? Check. Absolutely, positively, mind-numbingly stupid retarded? Check and check.

And this is why the Padres are now dunzo. Magic number for the Dbacks (as far as i'm concerned): 3

6 Games To Go

2.5 games up, with 6 to go (7 for the Padres). Gotta love the position. Holding the tiebreaker over San Diego, we're actually three games up. Which brings their magic number (as far as i'm concerned) to 3. If the Dbacks go 3-3 their last six games, San Diego would have to go 6-0 to win the division. I don't know about you, but i don't see that happening.

The Dbacks lost today, but so did the Padres and Phillies. They still have the best record in the NL, half a game up of the Mets. With an off day tomorrow, the Dbacks will better know their fate after Monday's game. Either way, it's looking good...

NFL Picks Review

Not that anyone should have taken my advice, because gambling is illegal and all, but... I went 4-1-1 this week. I'm just saying. Combining my crappy college picks with my NFL picks, i went 8-4-1 this week. I'm just saying...

Picks Update

Ok, so i didn't do so hot on my College Football picks yesterday, but i did go 4-3, finishing up. The only one i'm upset about is Penn St. They looked downright terrible on offense throughout much of the game. The Iowa Hawkeyes played tough against Wisconsin, having a chance to win it at the end but the pass was overthrown. Either way, i am 4-3 on the season in college football. And because i want to show how smart i am, here are my picks for the NFL today...

New England -17 over Buffalo, parlay with the over at 41.5
The Patriots are a runaway train that cannot be stopped, especially by the Bills.

Cincinnati +3 over Seattle
I still think the Seahawks are not very good, and the Bengals can put up some points, as evidenced by last week's shoot-out with the Browns. I am a little nervous about a hangover from last week by the Bengals though...

Washington -4 over New York Giants
The Giants are terrible, and the Redskins have played pretty well so far.

The over 47 in the Indianapolis - Houston game
These two teams can put up points in a hurry, and this should be a shoot-out.

Arizona +7.5 at Baltimore
I don't think the Cardinals will win, but they will make it close.

Kansas City -3 over Minnesota
I am picking against my own favorite team, mostly because their third-string quarterback, who they signed less than a month ago, will be starting for them (Kelly Holcomb). Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in an offense that already has problems moving the ball and scoring touchdowns...

ps- This is the 100th post to the site. Kind of an exciting little milestone...