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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fantasy Football

I am in two fantasy leagues this year, one i care about, one i really don't. The one i don't really care about is a first time league, with a first time commish, and is back in the midwest where i'm from. I wasn't able to draft in that league, as i was travelling home from chicago that day. I ended up with an ok team, though i am in desperate need of some new receivers.

The one i care about is run by my brother, the illustrious smitty of this very website. It is my second year in the league, and last year i did fairly well, making it to the second round of the playoffs. Of course, my team that week decided to collectively crap the bed, and i was knocked out.

This year expectations abound, and i was quite happy to get Peyton Manning in the 2nd round. I've never owned Manning before, and he seemed to work out for me, putting up 20 points on Thursday. Of course, my running backs sucked, and the team i'm going against, my brother, had Tony Romo and T.O. I need not tell you they hooked up for two touchdowns, Romo threw two more, and also ran for one. Fucking Cowboys...

I really have no point to this point, just felt like writing about my fantasy teams for a sec. Not that any of you care...

CFB: Week 2 Review

Can i take down my college football previews, in which i stated Michigan will be one of the best teams in the country, Iowa St to surprise, and Texas as the team to beat in the Big 12. Do-overs anyone? All that aside, it was another fantastic weekend for college football, so let's get into it.

Can someone please tell Michigan the season has started? The team (especially the defense) is acting like these games don't count. Or, more specifically, acting like they aren't remotely prepared for these games. Their defense has been terrible, to historic proportions. Their vaunted offense, which i touted, is been terrible, scoring just 7 points this week. Their Heisman hopefully quarterback was hurt, and will miss this weeks game against Notre Dame (don't get me started on them either). Not that it matters, since like his teams national title hopes, his Heisman campaign is officially done. Michigan looks like it has no answers on defense, and as bad as Notre Dame has been the first two weeks, i still can't pick them to win. That game could finish 2-0 and i wouldn't be surprised. Someone has to win, i guess...

And how can i let myself, an Iowa homer and therefore Iowa St hater, be seduced by this team just because they hired Gene Chizik? They open the season by losing two games at home, by 9 points to Kent St and 11 to Northern Iowa. This team is terrible, i mean really bad. And it doesn't get any better for them, as Iowa comes into Jack Trice stadium this week and looks to hand them an 0-3 start.

And then there's Texas. While Texas hasn't really done anything wrong, it is clear Oklahoma is the team to beat in the Big 12 this year. They have absolutely dismantled the two teams they have faced, winning by a combined 130-23. And while maybe N. Texas isn't very good, the second team was Miami. Granted they aren't the Miami of a few years ago, but they're still Miami. And they still got destroyed.

Speaking of teams to beat, LSU looks like it might be the team to beat in the entire country after taking apart Va. Tech. Scoring early and often, LSU looked like it could do pretty much whatever it wanted, while limiting the Hokies to just 149 yards and 7 points. LSU should have moved into first place in the polls this week because USC didn't play, but of course the people who vote in these things aren't that smart. LSU will be penalized because they started the season in 2nd place, but they are clearly the #1 team in the country right now.

That's all for now. Sorry i've been absent a lot lately, i am now back. NFL Week 1 review coming later...