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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

College Football Week In Review

Wow, wow, wow. I now look like a complete moron, thanks to Michigan's total and utter collapse. And make no mistake, that's exactly what it was. What a disaster, not only for Michigan (who promptly dropped from a #5 ranking to out of the Top 25), but also for the Big 10. Thanks for making us look weak Michigan, the rest of the Big 10 thanks you. Worthless...

As for the rest of the country? Loved Notre Dame getting blown out. I didn't talk about them in my previews because their football team isn't a part of any conference (don't even get me started), but what a joke. They are going to be TERRIBLE. Three different QB's in the first game? And now they announce the freshman Jimmy Clausen as the starter? Notre Dame will be lucky to win 5 games this year. Mark it down. This week in Happy Valley against Penn State? Another blow out. I can't tell you how much i despise the Irish...

Cal looked good beating Tennessee, avenging their dismantling last year. I was not impressed by Auburn, who was taken to the wire by Kansas State. K-State is on the rise again (I love their coach Ron Prince), but come on. Auburn should have won that game by at least 20. I didn't get to see a whole lot of games, because i was tailgating at and attending the Iowa-NIU game, in which my alma mater rolled to a dominating 16-3 win.

On another note, the Big 12 never fails to disappoint. This week, it was the joke of a team they call the Iowa St. Cyclones. The CyClowns somehow managed to lose to college football powerhouse Kent St. By 9 points. At home. Welcome to LAmes Gene Chizik, hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck putting together a winning program.

Most of my League MVP picks looked good this week, with the obvious exception of Michigan's offense. The Steve Slaton/Pat White combo went for a combined 206 yards rushing and 5TD's. White also threw for 192 yards on just 18 attempts. McFadden from Arkansas, my Heisman favorite, went for 151 yards on 24 carries and one TD, a rather pedestrian effort (his backup also went for 129 yards). John David Booty was 21-32 for 206 yards, with 3 TD's and 1 INT. McCoy from Texas was 22-33 for 223 yards, with 2 TD's and 2 INT's, another pedestrian effort. One Heisman hopeful i didn't mention is Colt Brennan from Hawaii, who was 34-40 for 416 yards, with 6 TD's and no INT's. Oh, and that was only in the first half. That guy is kinda good...

Week 2 Preview:
Game of the week is LSU-Va. Tech. An early match up of top-ten teams, i love this in college football. If you're supposed to be good, i want to see you play some good teams out of conference, not some patsies like Appalachian St. Ha ha ha, sorry Michigan fans, couldn't resist. By the way, i think it's funny, but i'm still pissed you're making the Big 10 look bad. LSU should take this game, but i think it will be close.

I'm also interested to see Miami at Oklahoma. Miami is not ranked, but always dangerous. Oklahoma is at home, but their quarterback is untested, and if the Hurricanes can get pressure on him early and often, this could be a game. Look also for South Carolina to put up a good fight at Georgia. I'm sure Spurrier has a few trick plays up his sleeve looking for an early season upset.

On a finishing note, Iowa plays Syracuse in a late game (7pm Iowa time, 5pm AZ time), and looks to play better against them than they did last year when they escaped with a win in overtime after a goal-line stand. Though i wasn't impressed with Iowa's passing game last week, their defense and running game was stout, with both Albert Young and Damien Sims going over 100 yards. That will be enough for the Hawkeyes to overcome a weak Syracuse team, while their passing game will have another week to come together and get precise. On Iowa!