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Friday, July 6, 2007

Scoring runs, or not scoring runs

The twins scored 32 runs today! OMG, 32 runs. The Dbacks have used 11 games to get to that total. ENOUGH SAID!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Deja Vu, all over again

Unbelievable is all I can say, otherwise this blog might generate a triple XXX rating. I mean come on, again, 2 days in a row, F'n up the 8th and 9th innings. My blood pressure is now through the roof. If this keeps up we will very quickly be talking football; ahh football, blood pressure is lowering.

The good - Reynolds doubles to lead off the eight, Montero walks, Hairston strikes out, and Augie drives them home with a triple. Dbacks down by one now with Augie at 3rd and only one out. You know the drill, simple sacrifice fly and the game is tied, come on Chris Young. The BAD - First pitch bunt, what the *uck? Explain to me how bunting yourself to first is going to get Augie in from 3rd. It makes no sense unless it is a suicide squeeze, and it wasn't. And he didn't even get on! Then he proceeds to do Nada, nothing; a pop up, damn A*s*h*le. Now we need a hit by O'Dog, grounder to second. Insert 30 seconds of expletives from Smitty.

The ninth inning, Byrnes fouls out. A good AB by CoJack to gain a walk. Stephen Drew with the clutch double to tie the game, Sweeeeett. Oh Shit, over the wall and now it's a ground rule double and move Jackson back to 3rd base. The tying run at 3rd with only one out for the 4th time in the past two games in the eight or ninth inning. They are 0 for 3 so far, the odds are with them to finally get a sacrifice and send us to extra innings, correct, yes? Of course not, Montero hits into the 5th double play of the game to end it in another Dbacks loss.

This is ridiculous, two nights in a row with chances to tie the game with a simple Sacrifice and proceed to go 0 for 4 and lose both games. I am sure I am not the only one who is swearing at the TV! This is not how winning teams play! I am obviously upset and shocked that we can be this terrible on simple fundamentals. Bring on football!

Grant Hill

So it's official. Well, actually it can't be official until the 11th, when Free Agency begins. But Grant Hill's agent has said that Hill has agreed in principal to a two-year contract offer from the Phoenix Suns, worth a total of just under $4 million. The beautiful thing is, $500,000 of that is paid by a league fund for veterans and will not count against the Salary Cap. While Grant was offered more money by other teams (supposedly), the Suns fit the wish list he was looking for, which consists of a) A Championship contender, b) A chance to start, c) A style that fits him, and d) Lighter practices, due to his injury concerns.

And therein lies the only possible drawback to this deal: Hill's injury-plagued past. After signing a 6-year, $93 Million deal with Orlando in 2000, Hill has spent much of his time on the IR, having appeared in more than 30 games in just two seasons. In fact, in six seasons, Hill played in only 200 of 492 regular season games for the Magic.

His best year, however, was last year, where Hill played in 58 games and averaged 14.4 points, while shooting better than 50%. While not a three-point shooter, Hill attempted just 12 all last year, Hill has other great attributes he will bring to the Suns. One of those attributes, which GM Steve Kerr and Head Coach Mike D'Antoni in particular triumph, is Hill's ability to be a playmaker and distributor while Steve Nash is not on the floor. D'Antoni also said he likes Hill's late career push for a Championship, providing some veteran leadership for the young team.

Hill is expected to challenge Boris Diaw for the last starting position, alongside Nash, Raja Bell, Shawn Marion, and Amare' Stoudemire. Personally, i think they should hand him the starting job. I like Diaw coming off the bench better anyway, and Hill is a stud who will make the Suns go. Essentially he replaces Jr Jones, and while he doesn't have the 3 range Jones did, Hill rebounds well and can provide valuable leadership, as well as create his own shot when the Suns' offense goes through their lulls they are bound to have during games.

While Hill is no Kevin Garnett, he is still a great pick-up for the Suns. Every team needs that one veteran pushing everyone, and now the Suns have two with Nash and Hill. The time for the Suns is 2007-2008, and the run to the Championship begins in 4 months.

As for me, I'm off to Chicago for the weekend. You kids have fun now, and expect some more posts from Smitty about the Dbacks apparent effort to undermine the essential basics of baseball, pissing him off to no end. Until later bitches, i'm out...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fundamentals, my pet peeve

So the F'n Dbacks can not figure out basic fundamentals which cost them the game today. I get so pissed off when they can not execute a simple bunt. In the 8th inning, Hudson and Byrnes on 1st and 2nd and Tracy hits into a double play and then Reynold's strikes out. So the very next inning, the 9th, Drew hits a ground rule double to lead off. An easy bunt him over and sac fly him in to tie the game. What happens? You know it, Augie Ojeda tries to bunt, let me repeat that, tries to bunt. Instead strikes out. Followed by stike outs by Montero and Clark. They could have and should have scored a run in both inning's without needing a hit. They have no one but themselves to blame for this loss. They have had lousy fundamentals the entire year and have lost several games as a direct result. They should have a several game lead in the division if they could figure out the basic fundamentals of the game. If the dbacks want to play in the postseason then they must start to hit with runners in scoring postition (.132 in the past 10). If they can learn to hit when it matters and do the little things to win games we will see some playoff baseball in Phoenix.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Grant Hill a Sun?

Ahh, very refreshing news if true.

Grant Hill would be a legitimate player in the Suns system, as a starter. The starting five would be Nash, Bell, Hill, Marion, and Stat. He would be an huge upgrade over James Jones in the starting lineup. It also allows LB, Diaw, K.Thomas, and anyone who happens to step up to come off the bench, which would be at least 8 strong. Hill is also a decent ball handler to help facilitate our fast break. It sounds like he will come cheap, the vets minimum around 1.3 million, partially paid by the NBA, and less than 800k counts against the salary cap. He will instantly average 12 point, 4 boards, and 3 assists CONSISTENTLY. The Suns were searching for that 5th starter the entire year, Hill is that guy! The only negative about Grant Hill is he is a Dukie, yuck. But if he becomes a Sun and stays healthy I am willing to overlook that.